Reconstruction of advance head and neck cancer patients after tumor ablation with simultaneous multiple free flaps: indications and prognosis.


:Simultaneous multiple free flaps have become a useful option in head and neck reconstructions. We performed a 10-year retrospective study between 2001 and 2010. There were 58 men and 1 woman. The overall mortality rate was 51.7%. The longest surviving patient is 9 years and 4 months, whereas the shortest surviving patient was 72 days. The mean survival period was 47.1 (6.8) months. Age (P = 0.755) and tumor size (P = 0.115) did not play a major role, but surgical margin, lymph node, and tumor recurrence were significant in patient survival with a P value of 0.026, 0.01, and 0.026, respectively. If wide excision with a margin that can be free of tumor can be performed, lymph nodes are not involved, and this is a primary tumor, then time and effort should be spent in a successful simultaneous multiple free flap reconstruction.


Ann Plast Surg


Chien SH,Hsu H,Huang CC,Lee CY,Chiu CH,Lin CM




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  • Nonendoscopic harvest of the gastrocnemius muscle flap through a small incision.

    abstract::Traditional gastrocnemius flap harvest requires a long skin incision, starting from the popliteal fossa to the mid leg. The authors designed three instruments to facilitate harvest of this flap through a small incision without the help of an endoscope in 10 patients. All 10 gastrocnemius muscle flaps survived with a 1...

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    abstract::The onlay fascia-cartilage graft technique for malar or maxillary projections can be used for recontouring the middle third of the face. Covering onlay grafts with fascia achieves a smoother contour, concealing the edges in addition to obtaining a more natural anatomical look for the face. The technique has provided a...

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  • Extended open-tip rhinoplasty with three V-flaps for secondary correction of bilateral cleft lip nasal deformity.

    abstract::Many procedures have been developed to correct the secondary cleft lip nasal deformity, including the depressed nasal tip, flaring nasal aperture, and a very short columella. The forked flap, cartilage graft, or strut and bony graft have been applied for many years. We propose the extended open-tip rhinoplasty with th...

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