Surgical treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis: a study comparing liposuction cannulas with a suction-curettage cannula.


BACKGROUND:Suction-curettage is a minimally invasive surgical approach for the treatment of focal axillary hyperhidrosis. Studies comparing the efficacy of different surgical cannulas are missing. Therefore, we gravimetrically compared a specially designed cannula versus 2 standard liposuction cannulas. METHODS:Axillary suction-curettage was performed in 42 patients (n = 42). Fourteen patients (n = 14) were operated with a 1-hole liposuction cannula, 14 patients (n = 14) with a larger 3-hole liposuction cannula, and 14 (n = 14) with a sharp suction-curettage cannula. Sweat rates in mg/min were measured by gravimetry before and 6 months after surgery. RESULTS:Sweat rate in the 1-hole liposuction cannula group was significantly reduced from 57.65 +/- 5.85 mg/min to 32.58 +/- 4.64 mg/min (P < 0.001), corresponding to a reduction of 44.15%. Patients operated with the larger 3-hole liposuction cannula showed a significant reduction of sweat rate from 63.95 +/- 8.25 mg/min to 33.14 +/- 6.25 mg/min (P < 0.001), corresponding to a reduction of 49.19%. The largest reduction of sweat rates (63.07%) was achieved with the suction-curettage cannula (61.85 +/- 9.03 mg/min to 21.27 +/- 4.42 mg/min (P < 0.001). No severe side effects were observed. CONCLUSION:Due to the higher efficacy we recommend performing suction-curettage with a sharp suction-curettage cannula.


Ann Plast Surg


Bechara FG,Sand M,Sand D,Altmeyer P,Hoffmann K




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2006-06-01 00:00:00














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  • Silicone molar block used as a fulcrum in condylar surgery.

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  • Epidemiology and prognostic factors in malignant melanoma.

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  • Preventing negative effects of smoking on microarterial anastomosis.

    abstract::Although microsurgery has rapid expanded, problems related to microarterial anastomosis continue. Cigarette smoking is one of the major risks for anastomosis by increasing platelet adhesion, and its effects on endothelial cells. Aim of this article is to study the negative effects of cigarettes on microarterial anasto...

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  • Heel reconstruction with an iliac osteocutaneous free flap: 10-year follow-up.

    abstract::During the Homeland War in Croatia, many civilians suffered from war wounds of the extremities. Explosive war wounds create composite and devastating injuries mainly by high-energy transfer to the tissue. We present an early reconstruction of explosive heel wound with an iliac osteocutaneous free flap with late follow...

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  • Functional donor site morbidity following latissimus dorsi muscle flap transfer.

    abstract::The latissimus dorsi flap is highly versatile and reliable, making it a commonly transferred muscle flap. This study evaluated the subjective donor site morbidity, with special attention to activities of daily living. A review of 85 consecutive female patients who underwent latissimus dorsi muscle transfer was perform...

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  • Dupuytren's Contracture: An Evidence Based Review.

    abstract::Dupuytren's contracture, a benign condition characterized by fibrosis of the palmar and digital fascia, may be a debilitating condition that limits daily function. Several techniques exist for managing symptomatic contractures of the hand related to Dupuytren's. These techniques include the more invasive open fascioto...

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  • Static syndrome after cross-facial nerve transplantation.

    abstract::A cross-facial nerve graft connected to buccal branches of the healthy facial nerve may carry axons destined for the orbicularis oris muscle as well as axons destined for elevators and abductors of the corner of the mouth. If this nerve graft innervates a pedicled or free muscle flap, contractions of the flap or part ...

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