Transmission of population-coded information.


:As neural activity is transmitted through the nervous system, neuronal noise degrades the encoded information and limits performance. It is therefore important to know how information loss can be prevented. We study this question in the context of neural population codes. Using Fisher information, we show how information loss in a layered network depends on the connectivity between the layers. We introduce an algorithm, reminiscent of the water filling algorithm for Shannon information that minimizes the loss. The optimal connection profile has a center-surround structure with a spatial extent closely matching the neurons' tuning curves. In addition, we show how the optimal connectivity depends on the correlation structure of the trial-to-trial variability in the neuronal responses. Our results explain how optimal communication of population codes requires the center-surround architectures found in the nervous system and provide explicit predictions on the connectivity parameters.


Neural Comput


Neural computation


Renart A,van Rossum MC




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  • McCulloch-Pitts Brains and Pseudorandom Functions.

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  • Toward a biophysically plausible bidirectional Hebbian rule.

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  • Scalable Semisupervised Functional Neurocartography Reveals Canonical Neurons in Behavioral Networks.

    abstract::Large-scale data collection efforts to map the brain are underway at multiple spatial and temporal scales, but all face fundamental problems posed by high-dimensional data and intersubject variability. Even seemingly simple problems, such as identifying a neuron/brain region across animals/subjects, become exponential...

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  • A semiparametric Bayesian model for detecting synchrony among multiple neurons.

    abstract::We propose a scalable semiparametric Bayesian model to capture dependencies among multiple neurons by detecting their cofiring (possibly with some lag time) patterns over time. After discretizing time so there is at most one spike at each interval, the resulting sequence of 1s (spike) and 0s (silence) for each neuron ...

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  • A Novel Reconstruction Framework for Time-Encoded Signals with Integrate-and-Fire Neurons.

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  • Enhanced stimulus encoding capabilities with spectral selectivity in inhibitory circuits by STDP.

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