Cerebrospinal fluid enhancement on fluid attenuated inversion recovery images after carotid artery stenting with neuroprotective balloon occlusions: hemodynamic instability and blood-brain barrier disruption.


PURPOSE:A rare complication of carotid artery stenting (CAS), prolonged reversible neurological symptoms with delayed cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) space enhancement on fluid attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) images, is associated with blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption. We prospectively identified patients who showed CSF space enhancement on FLAIR images. METHODS:Nineteen patients-5 acute-phase and 14 scheduled-underwent 21 CAS procedures. Balloon catheters were navigated across stenoses, angioplasty was performed using a neuroprotective balloon, and stents were placed with after dilation under distal balloon protection. CSF space hyperintensity or obscuration on FLAIR after versus before CAS indicated CSF space enhancement. Correlations with clinical factors were examined. RESULTS:CSF space was enhanced on FLAIR in 12 (57.1%) cases. Postprocedural CSF space enhancement was significantly related to age, stenosis rate, acute-stage procedure, and total occlusion time. All acute-stage CAS patients showed delayed enhancement. Only age was associated with delayed CSF space enhancement in scheduled CAS patients. CONCLUSIONS:Ischemic intolerance for severe carotid artery stenosis and temporary neuroprotective balloon occlusion, causing reperfusion injury, seem to be the main factors that underlie BBB disruption with delayed CSF space enhancement shortly after CAS, rather than sudden poststenting hemodynamic change. Our results suggest that factors related to hemodynamic instability or ischemic intolerance seem to be associated with post-CAS BBB vulnerability. Patients at risk for hemodynamic instability or with ischemic intolerance, which decrease BBB integrity, require careful management to prevent intracranial hemorrhagic and other post-CAS complications.


Ogami R,Nakahara T,Hamasaki O,Araki H,Kurisu K




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  • Failed retrieval of potentially retrievable IVC filters: a report of two cases.

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  • Radionuclide evaluation of renal artery dilatation.

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  • Aortic Bifurcation Morphology Alone is Not Able to Predict Outcome in Patients Submitted to Elective Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of the present study was to evaluate the impact of the aortic bifurcation (AB) morphological characteristics, analyzed on computed tomography angiography (CTA), on outcomes of patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs), treated by endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) in a single-center experience. ...

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  • Human Thiel-Embalmed Cadaveric Aortic Model with Perfusion for Endovascular Intervention Training and Medical Device Evaluation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate human Thiel-embalmed cadavers with the addition of extracorporeal driven ante-grade pulsatile flow in the aorta as a model for simulation training in interventional techniques and endovascular device testing. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Three human cadavers embalmed ...

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  • Diuretic agent and normal saline infusion technique for ultrasound-guided percutaneous nephrostomies in nondilated pelvicaliceal systems.

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  • A Novel Self-Expandable, Radioactive Airway Stent Loaded with 125I Seeds: A Feasibility and Safety Study in Healthy Beagle Dog.

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  • Safety and Feasibility of Transradial Access for Visceral Interventions in Patients with Thrombocytopenia.

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  • Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound ablation in abdominal moving organs: a feasibility study in selected cases of pancreatic and liver cancer.

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  • Intra-arterial calcium gluconate treatment after hydrofluoric acid burn of the hand.

    abstract::Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is a colorless corrosive acid used in different industrial branches. Exposure to HF typically results from spills, and most often the hand or fingers are involved. Tissue damage through cutaneous HF exposure occurs through corrosive burns due to the free hydrogen ions and through skin penetratio...

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  • Experimental evaluation of early and long-term effects of microparticle embolization in two different mini-pig models. Part I: kidney.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Using a pig model: (1) to evaluate the vascular distribution pattern, including the homogeneity and completeness of the intra-arterial microsphere distribution, of 40-120-microm trisacryl-gelatin microspheres (Embospheres) in acute whole-kidney embolization; (2) to evaluate the durability and biocompatibility o...

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  • Break-dance: an unusual cause of hammer syndrome.

    abstract::We report the case of a young break-dancer presenting with hammer syndrome. This syndrome has been correlated with many professional and recreational activities but this is, to our knowledge, the first description of hammer syndrome caused by break-dancing. The etiology, diagnosis and treatment modalities of this rare...

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  • Percutaneous angioplasty for atherosclerotic renal artery disease: effect on renal function in azotemic patients.

    abstract:PURPOSE:We studied the effect of percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty (PTRA) on renal function in azotemic patients with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis. METHODS:The results of PTRA were analyzed retrospectively in 40 patients. There were 61 stenoses, 54 of which received balloon angioplasty; 7 had stent ...

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  • Intraarterial ultrasound in pancreatic cancer: feasibility study and preliminary results.

    abstract::Despite technological advances in computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging, the involvement of the celiac or mesenteric artery in pancreatic cancer remains uncertain in many cases. Infiltration of these vessels is important in making decisions about therapy choices but often can only be definitively det...

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