Small-bowel capsule endoscopy diagnoses early and advanced neoplasms in asymptomatic patients with Lynch syndrome.


BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS:Patients with Lynch syndrome are at increased risk of developing small-bowel adenocarcinoma, which usually has a bad prognosis and needs to be diagnosed early. Our aim was to evaluate the yield of capsule endoscopy and CT enteroclysis in this situation. PATIENTS AND METHODS:We performed a prospective, blinded, comparative study of capsule endoscopy and CT enteroclysis in five academic centers. Thirty-five consecutive asymptomatic patients with Lynch syndrome, all with one proven deleterious mutation, were included. A double reading was performed blind for both types of examination. RESULTS:Histologically confirmed small-bowel neoplasms were diagnosed in three patients (8.6 %): one adenocarcinoma (T3N0M0) and two adenomas with low-grade dysplasia. Capsule endoscopy identified all neoplasms. CT enteroclysis raised suspicion of one neoplasm (adenocarcinoma) but missed the two others. Concordance between the two capsule readings was high with a κ value of 0.78 (95 %CI 0.55 to 1.0), which was not the case for CT enteroclysis, where the κ value was 0.15 (95 %CI -0.27 to 0.58). CONCLUSION:Curable early or advanced neoplasms in asymptomatic patients with Lynch syndrome using capsule endoscopy can be detected with a better reproducibility than with CT enteroclysis. The clinical usefulness of systematic small-bowel screening in these patients should be confirmed through large prospective studies.






Saurin JC,Pilleul F,Soussan EB,Manière T,D'Halluin PN,Gaudric M,Cellier C,Heresbach D,Gaudin JL,Capsule Commission of the French Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SFED).




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