Density-weighted Nyström method for computing large kernel eigensystems.


:The Nyström method is a well-known sampling-based technique for approximating the eigensystem of large kernel matrices. However, the chosen samples in the Nyström method are all assumed to be of equal importance, which deviates from the integral equation that defines the kernel eigenfunctions. Motivated by this observation, we extend the Nyström method to a more general, density-weighted version. We show that by introducing the probability density function as a natural weighting scheme, the approximation of the eigensystem can be greatly improved. An efficient algorithm is proposed to enforce such weighting in practice, which has the same complexity as the original Nyström method and hence is notably cheaper than several other alternatives. Experiments on kernel principal component analysis, spectral clustering, and image segmentation demonstrate the encouraging performance of our algorithm.


Neural Comput


Neural computation


Zhang K,Kwok JT




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2009-01-01 00:00:00












  • Robustness of connectionist swimming controllers against random variation in neural connections.

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  • Classification of temporal patterns in dynamic biological networks.

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  • Temporal sequence learning, prediction, and control: a review of different models and their relation to biological mechanisms.

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  • Online adaptive decision trees.

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  • Dissociable forms of repetition priming: a computational model.

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  • STDP-Compatible Approximation of Backpropagation in an Energy-Based Model.

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  • Effects of fast presynaptic noise in attractor neural networks.

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  • Piecewise-linear neural networks and their relationship to rule extraction from data.

    abstract::This article addresses the topic of extracting logical rules from data by means of artificial neural networks. The approach based on piecewise linear neural networks is revisited, which has already been used for the extraction of Boolean rules in the past, and it is shown that this approach can be important also for t...

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  • Mirror symmetric topographic maps can arise from activity-dependent synaptic changes.

    abstract::Multiple adjacent, roughly mirror-image topographic maps are commonly observed in the sensory neocortex of many species. The cortical regions occupied by these maps are generally believed to be determined initially by genetically controlled chemical markers during development, with thalamocortical afferent activity su...

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  • Mismatched training and test distributions can outperform matched ones.

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  • Fast recursive filters for simulating nonlinear dynamic systems.

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  • Parameter Sensitivity of the Elastic Net Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem.

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  • Change-based inference in attractor nets: linear analysis.

    abstract::One standard interpretation of networks of cortical neurons is that they form dynamical attractors. Computations such as stimulus estimation are performed by mapping inputs to points on the networks' attractive manifolds. These points represent population codes for the stimulus values. However, this standard interpret...

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  • A general probability estimation approach for neural comp.

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  • Learning Slowness in a Sparse Model of Invariant Feature Detection.

    abstract::Primary visual cortical complex cells are thought to serve as invariant feature detectors and to provide input to higher cortical areas. We propose a single model for learning the connectivity required by complex cells that integrates two factors that have been hypothesized to play a role in the development of invaria...

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  • Robust Closed-Loop Control of a Cursor in a Person with Tetraplegia using Gaussian Process Regression.

    abstract::Intracortical brain computer interfaces can enable individuals with paralysis to control external devices through voluntarily modulated brain activity. Decoding quality has been previously shown to degrade with signal nonstationarities-specifically, the changes in the statistics of the data between training and testin...

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  • Minimizing binding errors using learned conjunctive features.

    abstract::We have studied some of the design trade-offs governing visual representations based on spatially invariant conjunctive feature detectors, with an emphasis on the susceptibility of such systems to false-positive recognition errors-Malsburg's classical binding problem. We begin by deriving an analytical model that make...

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  • Spiking neural P systems with a generalized use of rules.

    abstract::Spiking neural P systems (SN P systems) are a class of distributed parallel computing devices inspired by spiking neurons, where the spiking rules are usually used in a sequential way (an applicable rule is applied one time at a step) or an exhaustive way (an applicable rule is applied as many times as possible at a s...

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  • An integral upper bound for neural network approximation.

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  • Bias/Variance Decompositions for Likelihood-Based Estimators.

    abstract::The bias/variance decomposition of mean-squared error is well understood and relatively straightforward. In this note, a similar simple decomposition is derived, valid for any kind of error measure that, when using the appropriate probability model, can be derived from a Kullback-Leibler divergence or log-likelihood. ...

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  • Slow feature analysis: a theoretical analysis of optimal free responses.

    abstract::Temporal slowness is a learning principle that allows learning of invariant representations by extracting slowly varying features from quickly varying input signals. Slow feature analysis (SFA) is an efficient algorithm based on this principle and has been applied to the learning of translation, scale, and other invar...

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  • Conductance-based integrate-and-fire models.

    abstract::A conductance-based model of Na+ and K+ currents underlying action potential generation is introduced by simplifying the quantitative model of Hodgkin and Huxley (HH). If the time course of rate constants can be approximated by a pulse, HH equations can be solved analytically. Pulse-based (PB) models generate action p...

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  • Locality of global stochastic interaction in directed acyclic networks.

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