Phase shift and correlation coefficient measurement of cerebral autoregulation during deep breathing in traumatic brain injury (TBI).


BACKGROUND:Impairment of cerebral autoregulation is known to adversely affect outcome following traumatic brain injury (TBI). The phase shift (PS) method of cerebral autoregulation (CA) assessment describes the time lag between fluctuations in arterial blood pressure (ABP) and cerebral blood flow velocity (CBFV) in the middle cerebral artery. An alternative method (Mx-ABP) is based on the statistical correlation between ABP and CBFV waveforms over time. We compared these two indices in a cohort of severely head injured patients undergoing controlled, 6-breaths-per-minute ventilation. METHODS:PS and Mx-ABP were calculated from 33 recordings of CBFV and MAP in 22 patients with TBI. Spearman's correlation coefficient was used to assess the agreement between PS and Mx-ABP. The relationship between ICP slow wave amplitude, MAP slow wave amplitude and mean ICP was also examined. FINDINGS:Mean values for Mx-ABP and PS were 0.44 +/- 0.27, and 49 +/- 26 (degrees), respectively. PS correlated significantly with Mx-ABP (r = -0.648, p < 0.001). A Bland-Altman plot of normalised Mx-ABP and Phase Shift values showed no significant bias or relationship (mean difference = 0.0004, r = -0.037, p = 0.852). During the test procedure, ICP fluctuated in an approximately sinusoidal fashion, with a mean amplitude of 4.96 +/- 2.72 mmHg (peak to peak). The magnitude of ICP fluctuation during deep breathing correlated weakly but significantly with mean ICP (r = 0.391, p < 0.05) and with the amplitude of ABP fluctuations (r = 0.625, p < 0.0005). CONCLUSIONS:Phase shift and Mx-ABP in TBI are well correlated. Deep breathing presents as an effective tool with which to assess autoregulation using the phase shift method.


Acta Neurochir (Wien)


Acta neurochirurgica


Lewis PM,Rosenfeld JV,Diehl RR,Mehdorn HM,Lang EW




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2008-02-01 00:00:00


139-46; discussion 146-7










  • Pure pineal germinomas: analysis of gender incidence.

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  • An assessment of patient-reported long-term outcomes following surgery for cauda equina syndrome.

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  • Convection-enhanced delivery of a hydrophilic nitrosourea ameliorates deficits and suppresses tumor growth in experimental spinal cord glioma models.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Convection-enhanced delivery (CED) is a technique allowing local infusion of therapeutic agents into the central nervous system, circumventing the blood-brain or spinal cord barrier. OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the utility of nimustine hydrochloride (ACNU) CED in controlling tumor progression in an experimental s...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Treatment of complex intracranial aneurysms requires strategic pre-interventional or preoperative planning. In addition to modern three-dimensional (3D) rotational angiography, computed tomography angiography (CTA) or magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA), a solid, tangible 3D model may improve anatomical compr...

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  • Relation of cerebral vasospasm to operative findings of subarachnoid blood around ruptured aneurysms.

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    abstract::Serpentine aneurysms of the posterior cerebral artery (PCA) treated by the internal maxillary artery (IMA) bypass are rare. Here, the authors report the case of a 34-year-old male patient who presented with a half-year history of gradual severe headache and right-sided limb monoparesis and paresthesia lasting for 1 we...

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  • COXIBRAIN: results of the prospective, randomised, phase II/III study for the selective COX-2 inhibition in chronic subdural haematoma patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Chronic subdural haematomas (cSDHs) have shown an increasing incidence in an ageing population over the last 20 years, while unacceptable recurrence rates of up to 30 % persist. The recurrence rate of cSDH seems to be related to the excessive neoangiogenesis in the parietal membrane, which is mediated via va...

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  • Extradural haematoma of the posterior fossa: a report of eight cases and a review of the literature.

    abstract::The authors review the literature and present 8 cases of extradural haematoma of the posterior fossa operated from 1979 to 1985 at the Neurosurgical Clinic of the University of Pavia. Emphasis is placed on the importance of an early diagnosis of the symptoms which are often ignored due to the absence of specific clini...

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  • Superficial radial intraneural ganglion cysts at the wrist.

    abstract::Superficial radial intraneural ganglion cysts are rare. Only nine previous cases have been described. We provide two examples with a wrist joint connection and review the literature to provide further support for the unifying articular (synovial) theory for the pathogenesis and treatment of intraneural ganglia. ...

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  • Cervical cord compression and severe hydrocephalus in a child with Saudi variant of multiple sulfatase deficiency. Report of case.

    abstract::We report a 2.5-year-old boy with Saudi variant of multiple sulfatase deficiency (MSD or Austin's disease). He presented with the features of cervical cord compression and a severe form of hydrocephalus. The former was due to a thickened posterior arch of the atlas and the latter from a narrow foramen magnum and menin...

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  • Serotonin in contused spinal cord.

    abstract::An intensive experimental spinal cord impact trauma in rabbits led, after 90 minutes, to a significant increase of serotonin content in the segments of spinal cord at the injury epicentres. Adjacent segments showed normal values. It is suggested that the existing contradictory published data concerning the serotonin c...

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