Stopping petrol sniffing in remote Aboriginal Australia: key elements of the Mt Theo Program.


:Petrol sniffing is a major form of substance misuse in Aboriginal communities across Australia. This practice has detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of individual sniffers, their families, communities and wider society. There are few examples of programmes that have successfully stopped petrol sniffing. This paper looks at the Mt Theo Program, regularly cited as 'the success story' in petrol sniffing interventions. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate key elements that have contributed towards Mt Theo Program's rare achievement: (1) initially, a multi-faceted approach including an outstation and youth programme, (2) community-initiated, operated, owned basis of the organisation, which incorporates (3) strong partnership between Indigenous and non-Indigenous team members and (4) an ability to operate beyond crisis intervention.


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Drug and alcohol review


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  • Smoking behaviours and other substance use among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian secondary students, 2017.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Smoking is a major cause of preventable illness for Indigenous peoples. As most regular smoking is established during adolescence when other substances are often first used, effective tobacco prevention requires an understanding of the patterns of related substance use for Indigenous youth. DESIG...

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  • A systematic review of substance misuse assessment packages.

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  • The nature and strength of the relationship between expenditure on alcohol and food: an analysis of adult-only households in the UK.

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  • Linked electronic medication systems in community pharmacies for preventing pseudoephedrine diversion: a review of international practice and analysis of results in Australia.

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  • Relative deprivation and episodes of drunkenness among French and Canadian adolescents.

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  • An examination of the extent to which drinking motives and problem alcohol consumption vary as a function of deprivation, gender and age.

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  • Alcohol and human performance.

    abstract::The present paper presents a comprehensive review of studies concerned with the effects of alcohol on human performance. It attempts to review the studies within the framework of the information processing model. The effects of alcohol on information processing and transmission rates, sensory and perceptual processes,...

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  • Patient-centred tobacco management.

    abstract::Patient-centred tobacco management approaches tobacco smoking as a chronic disease and can be offered to all smokers irrespective of their attitude to quitting. Maintaining a long-term relationship with smokers enables the adoption of flexible solutions and shared goals. It is argued that patient-centred tobacco manag...

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  • One explanation to rule them all? Identifying sub-groups of non-drinking Swedish ninth graders.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Researchers in a number of countries have recently identified major changes in adolescent alcohol consumption since the early 2000s, with the prevalence of teenage drinking more than halving in some countries. The major aims of the current study are to examine if there are sub-groups among non-dri...

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  • Infant mortality among women on a methadone program during pregnancy.

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  • The Finnish drinking culture: change and continuity in the past 40 years.

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  • An overview of take-home naloxone programs in Australia.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Take-home naloxone (THN) programs commenced in Australia in 2012 in the Australian Capital Territory and programs now operate in five Australian jurisdictions. The purpose of this paper is to record the progress of THN programs in Australia, to provide a resource for others wanting to start THN pr...

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  • Surge in treatment admissions related to methamphetamine use in Cape Town, South Africa: implications for public health.

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  • Stepping through treatment: reflections on an adaptive treatment strategy among methamphetamine users with depression.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Stepped-care has been recommended in the alcohol and other drug field and adopted in a number of service settings, but few research projects have examined this approach. This article aims to describe a pilot trial of stepped-care methods in the treatment of methamphetamine use and depression comor...

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  • Novel psychoactive substance use by US adolescents: Characteristics associated with use of synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones.

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  • A case for clean conferences in gambling research.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Gambling research is characterised by widespread gambling industry involvement. It is likely (as with alcohol and tobacco industry influence) that this will delay or divert effective harm prevention or minimisation measures. Gambling harms are known to be significant and widespread. Effective acti...

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  • Causes of death of patients with methamphetamine dependence: a record-linkage study.

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  • Breaking new ground in the study and practice of alcohol brief interventions.

    abstract::This article amplifies the decision to subtitle the INEBRIA2009 Conference 'Breaking New Ground'. The effectiveness of screening and brief intervention (SBI) for hazardous and harmful drinking is now well-established for primary health care and is promising for other medical settings. In addition, significant advances...

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  • Wonderland and the rabbit hole: A commentary on university students' alcohol use during first year and the early transition to university.

    abstract::For new students, university can be a wonderland of opportunity. But the first few weeks of the university experience are also typified by change, stress and uncertainty. From a health promotion perspective, the first few weeks of the university experience present an important yet understudied opportunity for alcohol ...

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  • Measuring cognitive insight in people with problematic substance use: An exploration of the factor validity of the Beck Cognitive Insight Scale.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Insight is a multi-dimensional construct that predicts treatment outcomes of people with mental illness. Research into insight in substance dependent populations is limited and measures of cognitive insight have not been validated for this population. DESIGN AND METHODS:A cross sectional survey w...

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  • The internet and the industrial revolution in smoking cessation counselling.

    abstract::The internet can provide wide access to online smoking cessation programmes developed by highly qualified professionals. Compared with one-to-one counselling in smoking cessation clinics or on telephone quitlines, the mass-level dissemination of automatised, individualised counselling on the internet is comparable to ...

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