Stopping petrol sniffing in remote Aboriginal Australia: key elements of the Mt Theo Program.


:Petrol sniffing is a major form of substance misuse in Aboriginal communities across Australia. This practice has detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of individual sniffers, their families, communities and wider society. There are few examples of programmes that have successfully stopped petrol sniffing. This paper looks at the Mt Theo Program, regularly cited as 'the success story' in petrol sniffing interventions. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate key elements that have contributed towards Mt Theo Program's rare achievement: (1) initially, a multi-faceted approach including an outstation and youth programme, (2) community-initiated, operated, owned basis of the organisation, which incorporates (3) strong partnership between Indigenous and non-Indigenous team members and (4) an ability to operate beyond crisis intervention.


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  • A comparison of global and egocentric network approaches for assessing peer alcohol use among college students in the United States.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Perceptions of peer alcohol use have a strong influence on college students' personal alcohol consumption. Common strategies for measuring students' perceptions of peer alcohol use rely on global student body questions (e.g. 'typical' student use), which overlook the true social contexts of colleg...

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  • Associations between personality and uptake of tobacco smoking: Do they differ across adolescence?

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  • Cannabis use in Cape York Indigenous communities: high prevalence, mental health impacts and the desire to quit.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Anecdotal reports suggest that high rates of cannabis use and dependence are significant issues in Indigenous communities in north Queensland; however, there is little scientific evidence to support or refute this. The Cape York Cannabis Project seeks to investigate cannabis use rates, cannabis de...

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  • Goals for medical education on drugs and alcohol for the year 2000.

    abstract::The issues involved in teaching about drug and alcohol issues in medical schools incorporate a wide range of concerns. Any attempt to raise the proficiency of doctors in dealing with drug and alcohol problems must begin during their basic training, and impart the skills to continue learning after graduation. The princ...

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  • Support for breaking the nexus between alcohol and community sports settings: findings from the VicHealth Community Attitudes Survey in Australia.

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  • Increasing practice nurse access to alcohol training.

    abstract::Policy makers have repeatedly placed emphasis on the role of primary care in screening for at-risk alcohol consumption and delivering public health messages to the general population. Research has pointed to primary care staff holding negative attitudes towards alcohol misusing patients. Training has traditionally bee...

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  • Adolescents drink less: How, who and why? A review of the recent research literature.

    abstract:ISSUES:Today's teenagers have been described as a sober generation and we asked: 'What is known about the recent decline in youth drinking?' APPROACH:A literature review (2005-2017). KEY FINDINGS:Research from wealthier parts of the world provides solid evidence of less alcohol use by youth since the millennium shift...

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  • Family-centred practice in the interface between child welfare and the alcohol and drug field.

    abstract::Recently publicized cases of child abuse and neglect ahve highlighted the complexity of interaction between professionals in the alcohol and drug field and those in the child welfare field. Despite exhortations to practitioners in both fields to see their clients from a "family-centred perspective", a range of psychol...

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  • Baseline assessment of community knowledge and attitudes toward drug use and harm reduction in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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  • Hypomagnesaemia and its potential impact on thiamine utilisation in patients with alcohol misuse at the Alice Springs Hospital.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Alcohol rapidly reduces thiamine among alcohol-dependent individuals. Poor diet and alcohol's impact on absorption, storage, activation and excretion of thiamine are thought to be the mechanisms. Previous literature identifies magnesium as an important cofactor in thiamine utilisation, which might...

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  • Groin tissue necrosis requiring skin graft following parenteral abuse of buprenorphine tablets.

    abstract::In May 2002 Buprenorphine (Subutex) was listed on the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule for treatment in opioid dependence. In addition to broadening treatment options, buprenorphine has the advantage of an improved safety profile. The risk of overdose is lessened but other risks remain due to diversion. Fre...

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  • Causes of death of patients with methamphetamine dependence: a record-linkage study.

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  • Risk of stroke in prescription and other amphetamine-type stimulants use: A systematic review.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) are a putative cause of stroke with high abuse potential. We aim to systematically review the association between use of ATS and stroke. DESIGN AND METHODS:To assure a sensitive search strategy, a broad definition of ATS was used. Cochrane Plus, EMBASE, IBECS/Lil...

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  • Measuring cognitive insight in people with problematic substance use: An exploration of the factor validity of the Beck Cognitive Insight Scale.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Insight is a multi-dimensional construct that predicts treatment outcomes of people with mental illness. Research into insight in substance dependent populations is limited and measures of cognitive insight have not been validated for this population. DESIGN AND METHODS:A cross sectional survey w...

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  • Pharmaceutical opioid analgesic and heroin dependence: how do treatment-seeking clients differ in Australia?

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Non-prescribed use of pharmaceutical opioid analgesics (POA) has been escalating internationally. In Australia, few studies have examined if POA users have similar characteristics and treatment needs to heroin users. The aim of this study was to compare those presenting for treatment where heroin ...

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  • Hospitalisations and out-of-home placements of children of substance-abusing mothers: a register-based cohort study.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:To study (i) whether the children of substance-abusing mothers are hospitalised because of injury or illness more often than other children; (ii) how often these children are placed out of home; and (iii) how the type of substance used by the mother affects her children. DESIGN AND METHODS:This w...

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  • Wonderland and the rabbit hole: A commentary on university students' alcohol use during first year and the early transition to university.

    abstract::For new students, university can be a wonderland of opportunity. But the first few weeks of the university experience are also typified by change, stress and uncertainty. From a health promotion perspective, the first few weeks of the university experience present an important yet understudied opportunity for alcohol ...

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  • Health and well-being outcomes for drug-dependent offenders on the NSW Drug Court programme.

    abstract::Given the centrality of drug treatment to the drug court framework, the proliferation of drug courts in the United States, and their emergence more recently in Australia, it is surprising that such little attention has been given to assessing their therapeutic effect. This evaluation aimed to assess the health and wel...

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  • Prescription drug misuse: is technology friend or foe?

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Prescription drug misuse and related harms have been increasing considerably over the past decade. At the same time, there has also been rapid growth in the use of online and Internet technologies. Thus, it is important that we understand the role online and Internet technologies play in prescript...

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  • Personal Construct Theory and constructivist drug education.

    abstract::In recent years drug education has come under scrutiny. Research has found that drug education is having minimal impact. Questions have been raised as to the appropriateness of theories underpinning drug education programmes as well as the aims and purpose of programmes. As such, there is a call for new approaches. Th...

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  • Homelessness and incarceration associated with relapse into stimulant and opioid use among youth who are street-involved in Vancouver, Canada.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:While much research has sought to identify the factors associated with initiation and cessation of various forms of drug use among vulnerable youth, little is known about relapse into drug use in this population. We sought to characterise relapse into stimulant and opioid use among street-involved...

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  • Etizolam: A rapid review on pharmacology, non-medical use and harms.

    abstract:ISSUES:Etizolam is a thienodiazepine derivative, with high affinity for the benzodiazepine site of GABAA receptors. It is often referred to as a new (or novel) psychoactive substance, a 'designer' benzodiazepine or a 'street benzodiazepine'. Increasing reports of non-medical use, identification of etizolam as an ingred...

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  • The prevalence and correlates of secondary traumatic stress among alcohol and other drug workers in Australia.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:The high prevalence of trauma exposure and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among clients of alcohol and other drug (AOD) services is well documented. Less is known, however, about the impact this has on workers who assess and treat such clients. The aim of this study was to examine the preva...

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  • Alcohol's role in sexual violence perpetration: theoretical explanations, existing evidence and future directions.

    abstract:ISSUES:There is controversy regarding the extent to which alcohol plays a causal role in sexual assault perpetration. APPROACH:This paper critically reviews the relevant alcohol administration and survey research literature. KEY FINDINGS:Alcohol administration researchers have randomly assigned male participants to d...

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  • Adolescent alcohol and cannabis use in Iceland 1995-2015.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Over the past two decades, alcohol consumption of Icelandic adolescents has decreased dramatically. The aim of this study was to quantify the extent of this reduction and compare it with the trend in cannabis use over a 20 year period and to identify possible explanations. METHODS:We used data from the Ic...

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  • Different drinking motives, different adverse consequences? Evidence among adolescents from 10 European countries.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIM:This study, which builds on previous research demonstrating that drinking motives are associated with adverse consequences, investigates the associations between drinking motives and non-alcohol-attributed adverse consequences and disentangles alcohol-related and direct effects. DESIGN AND METHOD:...

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  • A case for clean conferences in gambling research.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Gambling research is characterised by widespread gambling industry involvement. It is likely (as with alcohol and tobacco industry influence) that this will delay or divert effective harm prevention or minimisation measures. Gambling harms are known to be significant and widespread. Effective acti...

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  • Alcohol, casemix and hospitals: an opportunity?

    abstract::The number of patients in hospitals who experience alcohol-related problems is high, and the provision of intervention for these patients is a significant public health measure. The current move towards casemix funding of acute hospital services provides an opportunity for the development of such programmes. Modificat...

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  • Alcohol-related emergency department injury presentations in Queensland adolescents and young adults over a 13-year period.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:The rate of alcohol-related emergency department (ED) presentations in young people has increased dramatically in recent decades. Injuries are the most common type of youth alcohol-related ED presentation, yet little is known about these injuries in young people. This paper describes the character...

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  • Predictors of 3-month retention in a drug treatment therapeutic community.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:To study rates of 3-month retention in a drug treatment therapeutic community and the characteristics of residents who remain in treatment. DESIGN AND METHODS:A total of 200 consecutive admissions to a therapeutic community in Christchurch, New Zealand received a structured interview and question...

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