Characterisation of selected lentic habitats of Dharwad, Haveri and Uttar Kannada districts of Karnataka State, India.


:Water quality survey was undertaken to study the current status of water quality of some lentic habitats of Dharwad, Haveri and Uttar Kannada districts, to provide a baseline data, comprising study of their main physical and chemical characteristics and also to evaluate the recent limnological changes those have occurred over a time period in some lentic habitats. Trophic status was also analysed. Present study reveals that Unkal lake, and B.K. Shigigatti tank of Dharwad district, Timmapur, Hosalli, and Krishnapur tanks of Haveri district are fast progressing towards hypereutrophication. Of the other tanks, Galgi tank of Dharwad district, Gudgur, Hanamapur, Medleri, and Kadkol tanks of Haveri district have reached the eutrophic stage. The anthropogenic activities, sewage and fertilizers used in agricultural fields appear to be the major causes of the eutrophication in these tanks. If the habitats have to be preserved for their intended use, sustainable and holistic management measures for the remediation of the tanks are an immediate necessity.


Environ Monit Assess


Kudari VA,Kadadevaru GG,Kanamadi RD




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2006-09-01 00:00:00












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