Prospective strategies underlie the control of interceptive actions.


:The purpose of this study was to test whether a constant bearing angle strategy could account for the displacement regulations produced by a moving observer when attempting to intercept a ball following a curvilinear path. The participants were asked to walk through a virtual environment and to change, if (deemed) necessary, their walking speed so as to intercept a moving ball that followed either a rectilinear or a curvilinear path. The results showed that ball path curvature did indeed influence the participants' displacement kinematics in a way that was predicted by adherence to a constant bearing angle strategy mode of control. Velocity modifications were found to be proportional to the magnitude of target curvature with opposing curvatures giving rise to mirror displacement velocity changes. The role of prospective strategies in the control of interceptive action is discussed.


Hum Mov Sci


Human movement science


Bastin J,Craig C,Montagne G




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  • Manipulation of visual information does not change the accuracy of distance estimation during a blindfolded walking task.

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  • Kinetics of hula hooping: an inverse dynamics analysis.

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  • Postural sway and joint kinematics during quiet standing are affected by lumbar extensor fatigue.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in postural sway and strategy elicited by lumbar extensor muscle fatigue. Specifically, changes in center of mass (COM), center of pressure (COP), and joint kinematics during quiet standing were determined, as well as selected cross correlations between these variab...

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    abstract::Sudden addition or removal of visual information can be particularly critical to balance control. The promptness of adaptation of stance control mechanisms is quantified by the latency at which body oscillation and postural muscle activity vary after a shift in visual condition. In the present study, volunteers stood ...

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  • Towards a new ecological conception of perceptual information: lessons from a developmental systems perspective.

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  • Descending control to the nonparetic limb degrades the cyclic activity of paretic leg muscles.

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  • The effects of a simultaneous cognitive or motor task on the kinematics of walking in older fallers and non-fallers.

    abstract::Human gait has been widely investigated under dual-task conditions because it has been demonstrated to be an important way to uncover differences in gait biomechanics between older fallers and non-fallers. However, exactly how simultaneous tasks affect the kinematics of walking remains unclear. In the present study, g...

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  • Vascular restriction decreases EMG regularity during walking.

    abstract::Prior research has found that the level of regularity in the output of numerous physiological systems is lowest in healthy young adults and higher in groups such as the elderly and those with various diseases. Vascular restriction has been found to stimulate exercise induced responses, including greater muscle activat...

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