Prospective strategies underlie the control of interceptive actions.


:The purpose of this study was to test whether a constant bearing angle strategy could account for the displacement regulations produced by a moving observer when attempting to intercept a ball following a curvilinear path. The participants were asked to walk through a virtual environment and to change, if (deemed) necessary, their walking speed so as to intercept a moving ball that followed either a rectilinear or a curvilinear path. The results showed that ball path curvature did indeed influence the participants' displacement kinematics in a way that was predicted by adherence to a constant bearing angle strategy mode of control. Velocity modifications were found to be proportional to the magnitude of target curvature with opposing curvatures giving rise to mirror displacement velocity changes. The role of prospective strategies in the control of interceptive action is discussed.


Hum Mov Sci


Human movement science


Bastin J,Craig C,Montagne G




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  • Combined recruitment of two fixation chains during cyclic movements of one arm.

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  • An EMG comparative analysis of quadriceps during isoinertial strength training using nonlinear scaled wavelets.

    abstract::High-speed resistance training is used to increase power; however, momentum can reduce the effectiveness of high-speed (HS) training when using weight-stack (WS) machines. This study used a non-linear scaled wavelet analysis to assess differences between pneumatic (P) and WS during seven HS or controlled speed (CS) re...

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  • Anticipatory postural adjustments during a Fitts' task: Comparing young versus older adults and the effects of different foci of attention.

    abstract::Anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs) are an integral part of standing balance. Previous research with balance control has shown that adopting an external focus of attention, compared to an internal focus of attention, yields better performance during motor skills. Despite the importance of APAs, especially among o...

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  • Ground reaction forces during a drop vertical jump: Impact of external load training.

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  • Bodywide fluctuations support manual exploration: Fractal fluctuations in posture predict perception of heaviness and length via effortful touch by the hand.

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  • Temporal modulations of agonist and antagonist muscle activities accompanying improved performance of ballistic movements.

    abstract::Although many studies have examined performance improvements of ballistic movement through practice, it is still unclear how performance advances while maintaining maximum velocity, and how the accompanying triphasic electromyographic (EMG) activity is modified. The present study focused on the changes in triphasic EM...

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  • Performing the vertical jump: movement adaptations for submaximal jumping.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to gain insight into the kinematics and kinetics of the vertical jump when jumping for different heights and to investigate movement effectiveness as a criterion for movement control in submaximal jumping. In order to jump high a countermovement is used and large body segments are rotated...

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  • Children's motor imagery modality dominance modulates the role of attentional focus in motor skill learning.

    abstract::We investigated whether children's motor imagery dominance modulated the relationship between attentional focus and motor learning of a tossing task. One hundred and thirty-eight boys (age: M = 10.13, SD = 0.65) completed the Movement Imagery Questionnaire - Children (MIQ-C) to determine imagery modality dominance (ki...

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  • An improved method to determine neuromuscular properties using force laws - From single muscle to applications in human movements.

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  • Task specificity and the timing of discrete aiming movements.

    abstract::In discrete aiming movements the task criteria of time-minimization to a spatial target (e.g., Fitts, 1954) and time-matching to a spatial-temporal goal (e.g., Schmidt et al., 1979) tend to produce different functions of the speed-accuracy trade-off. Here we examined whether the task-related movement speed-accuracy ch...

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  • Use of video observation and motor imagery on jumping performance in national rhythmic gymnastics athletes.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to evaluate whether a mental training protocol could improve gymnastic jumping performance. Seventy-two rhythmic gymnasts were randomly divided into an experimental and control group. At baseline, experimental group completed the Movement Imagery Questionnaire Revised (MIQ-R) to assess the gy...

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  • Spiral drawing performance as an indicator of fine motor function in people with multiple sclerosis.

    abstract::This study investigated spiral drawing performance as an indicator of fine motor function, as well as to gain insight into adaptive movement strategies used by people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Seven people with MS, nine younger controls (mean age of 20) and eight older controls (mean age of 40) drew spirals on a g...

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  • Influence of vision and static stretch of the calf muscles on postural sway during quiet standing.

    abstract::The purpose of this experimental study was to evaluate the effects of vision and stretching of the calf muscles on postural sway during quiet standing. Under pre-stretch conditions, participants stood on a force plate for 30s and the sway of the ground reaction force center of pressure was recorded. The following post...

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