V-Y in V-Y procedure: new technique for augmentation and protrusion of the upper lip.


:A new surgical technique for upper lip augmentation is presented. In this technique, 2 vertically parallel V-shaped incisions placed in a "V in V" fashion are used. Remarkable augmentation of the lip is provided by V-to-Y closure of the incisions. Over 7 years, this new technique, namely, V-Y in V-Y procedure, was used in 46 female patients for upper lip augmentation. The mean age of patients was 23 years, ranging from 16 to 47 years. The average follow-up was 2 years. In all patients, a satisfactory upper lip augmentation was obtained. Except a moderate edema subsiding within 2-3 weeks postoperatively, there was no complication in our patients. Despite that no filling material was used, the results were found to be long lasting at late term. The "V-Y in V-Y" procedure is a very easygoing and adjustable technique which allows the surgeon to augment the lip tubercle and the lateral segments separately, as required by the individual needs of each patient. Besides an anatomic lip augmentation by preserving and accentuating the natural contours of the lip, this new procedure provides a remarkable protrusion of the entire upper lip as an additional contribution for rejuvenation of the upper lip.


Ann Plast Surg


Mutaf M




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2006-06-01 00:00:00














  • Perineal wound complications, risk factors, and outcome after abdominoperineal resections.

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  • Analysis of clinically significant seroma formation in breast reconstruction using acellular dermal grafts.

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  • The use of validated body image indices following panniculectomy.

    abstract::Limited data of body image and quality of life are available after panniculectomy. Although it is generally considered a medically necessary procedure, we believe that the benefits of this procedure are many. The Short Form of The Situational Inventory of Body Image Dysphoria Short Form and the Multidimensional Body S...

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    abstract::The purpose of our retrospective study was to evaluate the outcomes of scaphoid fracture nonunion treated with a pronator quadratus pedicled vascularized bone graft and a headless compression screw with regard to early wrist and thumb mobilization. From January 2008 to June 2011, 27 patients (20 men and 7 women; mean ...

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  • Abdominal ventral hernia repair with current biological prostheses: an experimental large animal model.

    abstract::Biologic prostheses have emerged to address the limitations of synthetic materials for ventral hernia repairs; however, they lack experimental comparative data. Fifteen swine were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 bioprosthetic groups (DermaMatrix, AlloDerm, and Permacol) after creation of a full thickness ventral fascial d...

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  • Reconstruction of Extensive Post-Electric Burn Scalp Defects With Exposed Bones: A Study of 12 Cases.

    abstract::The scalp is a unique part of the human body with respect to its shape and position. It is the part of the body that is usually exposed in its original form, with no covering by any means of clothing. In workplaces, especially in the electrical industry in the area of electrical substations and power transmission line...

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    abstract::Entrapment of the lateral femoral cutaneous (LFC) nerve as a source of anterolateral thigh dysesthesias has been recognized for 100 years. Despite this historic recognition, its diagnosis today is often delayed, and definitive treatment of refractory cases by surgical decompression rarely reported. This study describe...

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  • Double negative pressure for seroma treatment in trocanteric area.

    abstract::We report the use of topic negative pressure for seromas resulting from mobilization of tensor fascia lata miocutaneous flap in the trochanteric areas for pressure sores. In 5 consecutive patients we successfully treated seroma with the use of external and internal topic subatmospheric pressure. ...

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  • Reactive thrombocytosis without endothelial damage does not affect the microvascular anastomotic patency.

    abstract::There is still controversy about the correlation of thrombocytosis and thrombosis complication. Using a rodent splenectomy-induced thrombocytosis model and a thrombogenic endothelial damage model (inverted suture resulting in an intraluminal thrombogenic adventitia of divided femoral artery), the authors investigated ...

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  • Treatment of bilateral axillary hyperhidrosis by suction-assisted lipolysis technique.

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    abstract::Free-tissue transfer with anastomosis has become an important microsurgical technique. Sometimes vasospasm occurs after anastomosis. We examined the changes in blood flow and the effect on the treatment of vasospasm of the femoral artery of rats. The rat models of vasospasm were generated by topical application of epi...

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  • Complications associated with breast reconstruction using a perforator flap compared with a free TRAM flap.

    abstract::This study evaluated the recipient and donor site complications associated with breast reconstruction using a deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap (DIEAP) flap compared with a free TRAM flap. The charts of 108 patients who underwent breast reconstruction using these techniques were reviewed. There were 130 ...

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  • Long-term survival in basal cell carcinoma metastatic to bone: a case report.

    abstract::A total of 97 cases of metastatic basal cell carcinoma have been reported in the literature, 22 of which were metastatic to bone. To date there has been no survival following bone metastasis. A case report of significant long-term survival--over three times the expected--is presented. The treatment described is perhap...

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