Creating an organizational diversity vision: goals, outcomes, and future directions of the International Society of Psychiatric Nurses.


:The aim of this article was to chronicle the development and status of a diversity vision within a psychiatric nursing organization. Organizational activities to support diversity and cultural competence, along with challenges to a full integration of these values, are presented. Psychiatric nurses need to be engaged in the process of developing personal and organizational cultural competence to eliminate barriers that contribute to disparities in effective mental health care.


Arch Psychiatr Nurs


Yearwood EL,Hines-Martin V,Dato C,Malone M




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  • Factors associated with common mental disorders and use of psychiatric drugs in cancer outpatients.

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  • An evaluation of four programs for the management of aggression in psychiatric settings.

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  • Effect of state regulatory environments on advanced psychiatric nursing practice.

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  • Quality and safety graduate competencies in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner education.

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  • Brain, behavior, connections and implications: psychodynamics no more.

    abstract::The premise of this article is that the major conceptual approach to mental health in the 21st century is grounded in molecular biology. We introduce and discuss three aspects of molecular biology: the concept of neuroplasticity with attention to kindling and the sensitization effect, the effects of life events on bra...

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  • A turnover prevention program for child care workers: a failed effort?

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  • The Impact of Parental Reaction to Sexual Orientation on Depressive Symptoms and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Hispanic Men Who Have Sex with Men.

    abstract:PURPOSE:This study examined the relationship of parent reaction to sexual orientation with depressive symptoms and safer sex among Hispanic adult men who have sex with men (MSM). We also examined men's acculturation to the U.S. (Americanism) in relation with these variables. METHOD:Cross-sectional data collected from ...

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  • The relationship between domestic violence against women and suicide risk.

    abstract:AIM:The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between domestic violence against women and suicide risk. METHODS:The population of the study consisted of married women aged 18 years and over in 10 Family Health Centers located within the boundaries of Yeşilyurt Municipality of Malatya Province. The study...

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  • The Effect of a Brief Cognitive Behavioural Stress Management Programme on Mental Status, Coping with Stress Attitude and Caregiver Burden While Caring for Schizophrenic Patients.

    abstract::This experimental study was carried out using a pre-test/post-test control group model to evaluate the effect of a "Brief Cognitive Behavioural Stress Management Programme" (BCBSMP) on mental status, coping with stress attitude, and caregiver burden while caring for patients with schizophrenia. A total of 61 caregiver...

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  • Doing my best: poverty and self-care among individuals with schizophrenia and diabetes mellitus.

    abstract::Diabetes mellitus (DM) is more common among individuals with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorders than among the general population. Eleven mental health consumers diagnosed with comorbid schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder and DM participated in a grounded theory study that examined their approaches to diabetic...

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  • Patients' internal world experience of interacting with psychiatric nurses.

    abstract::Research was conducted to explore the patient's perception of interaction with psychiatric nurses. In-depth interviews were conducted with 13 psychiatric patients. The interviews were conducted in two phases. In phase 1 of each interview, the focus was exploratory and phenomenological, where a single central question ...

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  • Community nursing support for clients with schizophrenia.

    abstract::A true experimental, posttest only, control group design was used to pilot test the effectiveness of a telephone nursing intervention in increasing community survival, and decreasing the number and length of rehospitalizations for persons with schizophrenia. The vulnerability model was used as a framework for the stud...

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  • Predictors of loneliness in U.S. adults over age sixty-five.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to examine sociodemographic and health-related risks for loneliness among older adults using Health and Retirement Study Data. Overall prevalence of loneliness was 19.3%. Marital status, self-report of health, number of chronic illnesses, gross motor impairment, fine motor impairment, and...

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  • Challenges of conducting qualitative research of non-suicidal self-injury in South Korea: An international nursing research collaboration.

    abstract::Understanding non-suicidal self-injury in foreign countries considering their cultural context requires collaboration among international researchers. Through an international collaborative approach, gaps in cultural views can be closed, thereby increasing the understanding of non-suicidal self-injury at a global leve...

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  • Comparison of the Quality of Life, Perceived Stigma and Medication Adherence of Chinese with Schizophrenia: A Follow-Up Study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The community-based mental health services were encouraged to improve the quality of life for individuals with chronic mental disorders in Mainland China. This study aims to explore how the quality of life, perceived stigma, and medication adherence differ among a Chinese population with schizophrenia prior ...

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  • Postpartum Depression Prevalence and Risk Factors in Turkey: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

    abstract::Postpartum depression (PPD) is a common problem with adverse consequences for the mother and the infant. This study was performed to determine the prevalence of and risk factors for PPD in Turkey. In this study, 52 primary studies that were published between January 1999 and January 2015 were examined. The prevalence ...

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  • Healing traumatizing provider interactions among women through short-term group therapy.

    abstract::A short-term, cognitive group therapy intervention method (Insight: A cognitive enhancement program for women) to reduce or resolve ongoing psychological disruption and/or trauma was tested among women who experienced traumatizing provider interactions (TPI) in their childbearing experience. The sample included nine m...

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  • Psychosocial outcomes in young adults with cancer: emotional distress, quality of life and personal growth.

    abstract::This study aimed at assessing the psychosocial adjustment, specifically the emotional distress, quality of life (QOL) and personal growth, in a sample of 36 Portuguese young adults with cancer and 435 healthy controls. Cancer patients scored significantly lower than controls in the role, cognitive and social domains o...

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  • Effects of teaching communication skills using a video clip on a smart phone on communication competence and emotional intelligence in nursing students.

    abstract::This study aims to verify the communication skills training for nursing students by using a video clip on a smart phone. The study settings were the nursing departments of two universities in South Korea. This study was a quasi-experimental one using a nonequivalent control group pre-posttest design. The experimental ...

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  • A comparison of emotional eating, social anxiety and parental attitude among adolescents with obesity and healthy: A case-control study.

    abstract::This case-controlled study was conducted to determine and compare the emotional eating, social anxiety and parental attitude in those adolescents with obesity and healthy counterparts. The sample of the study consist of obese adolescents in 14-18 aged (n = 150) followed up in the pediatric endocrinology outpatient cli...

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    authors: Efe YS,Özbey H,Erdem E,Hatipoğlu N

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  • Measuring depression in hospitalized, medically ill, older adults.

    abstract::Studies have consistently shown high prevalence rates of depression associated with negative medical, functional, and psychosocial outcomes in hospitalized, medically ill, older adults. Several issues pose challenges to measurement of depression in this population. In particular, symptoms simultaneously attributable t...

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    authors: Kurlowicz LH,Streim JE

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  • Rumination, Social Problem Solving and Suicide Intent Among Egyptians With a Recent Suicide Attempt.

    abstract::The more complex influences of social problem-solving abilities and rumination-specifically brooding and reflection-on suicide intent is not well understood. We hypothesized that social problem solving would moderate the association between reflection and suicide intent, and mediate the influence of brooding on suicid...

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    authors: Sharaf AY,Lachine OA,Thompson EA

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  • Reciprocal Abuse: Elder Neglect and Abuse by Primary Caregivers and Caregiver Burden and Abuse in Turkey.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between the neglect and abuse that older people were exposed to by their primary caregivers and the experiences of caregivers' burden and abuse by their charges. This descriptive, cross-sectional and correlational study was conducted with 186 individuals over the ...

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  • Paternal Depression Rates in Prenatal and Postpartum Periods and Affecting Factors.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to determine the paternal depression rates and affecting factors in prenatal and postpartum periods. The study, which was descriptive and cross-sectional, was conducted with 92 volunteer couples that suited the criteria for the sample. These participants were selected from couples that ...

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  • Perspectives about depression: explanatory models among African-American women.

    abstract::Depression is a costly illness, with broad social, economic and personal consequences. It affects many black women, yet only 7% of them receive traditional treatment. Given the chronic nature of depression and its broad impact on women's wellness, there is a need for more research examining both the conceptualization ...

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  • Depressive symptoms among HIV-positive postpartum women in Thailand.

    abstract::Depressive symptoms have been linked to faster progression to AIDS in HIV-positive individuals. The purpose of this correlational, cross-sectional study was to examine the prevalence and predictors of depressive symptoms among postpartum women in Thailand who are HIV-positive. Data were collected at postpartum outpati...

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  • Investigating the impact of a psychoanalytic nursing development group within an adolescent psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU).

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the impact of an adapted psychoanalytic work discussion group for mental health nurses working in adolescent PICU. BACKGROUND:There is no prior research investigating interventions that effectively support and enable adolescent PICU nursing teams to sustain the therapeutic tasks of their work and...

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  • Improving nurses' responses toward substance-misusing patients: a clinical evaluation project.

    abstract::Practitioners in acute and primary care settings often fail to identify and intervene with chemically dependent patients. Counterproductive attitudes, lack of knowledge, and poor clinical skills impede early identification, treatment, and referral. In response to these problems, an educational intervention was designe...

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  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Challenges of Healthcare Professionals Managing People With Eating Disorders: A Literature Review.

    abstract::This review consolidates findings regarding knowledge and attitudes of healthcare professionals, together with challenges faced while caring for patients with eating disorders. A rigorous and systematic approach was taken to identify 21 articles, which include 12 quantitative, 7 qualitative, and 2 mixed-method papers....

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  • The physical, mental, and emotional health of older people who are living alone or with relatives.

    abstract::In Korea, as in other countries, the number of older adults is growing substantially, and the proportion of older adults is projected to be 14.3% by 2022 [Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Republic of Korea. (2003). Yearbook of health and social affairs statistics for 2003, vol. 49. Seoul, Korea: Government Print...

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