Exploring the Experience of Self-Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults.


:One in 68 Americans has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and diagnosis is often delayed into adulthood in individuals without comorbid intellectual disability. Many undiagnosed adults resort to self-diagnosis. The purpose of this descriptive phenomenology was to explore the experience of realizing a self-diagnosis of ASD among 37 individuals who were not formally diagnosed. Results revealed five themes: feeling "othered," managing self doubt, sense of belonging, understanding myself, and questioning the need for formal diagnosis. Healthcare professionals must have an understanding of self-diagnosis to help individuals transition to formal diagnosis and to adequately educate, support, and screen this population for comorbidities.


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  • Fundamental and special: the dilemma of psychiatric-mental health nursing.

    abstract::This article explores the tension between defining psychiatric-mental health nursing as fundamental to the discipline yet also special, an historic dilemma that continues to influence efforts to establish a secure place for the specialty. Analysis focuses on the formative work of three pioneers in this field, using pr...

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  • Effect of state regulatory environments on advanced psychiatric nursing practice.

    abstract::The first key message in the landmark Future of Nursing report is that "Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training" (Institute of Medicine, 2011). Although there has been significant progress across states to remove or diminish barriers to the exercise of full scope of practice by advanc...

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  • Assessment of Suicide Risk: Validation of the Nurses' Global Assessment of Suicide Risk Index for the Portuguese Population.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Mental health problems, particularly depression, are a major risk factor for suicide. Currently, there is no way to predict, with 100% accuracy, who will make a suicide attempt, but during a clinical interview, it is possible to assess the risk presented by each patient based on the investigation of risk and...

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