Limits of thermoluminescence dosimetry using quartz extracted from recent building materials in urban settlements.


:The luminescence of quartz extracted from recently fired building material is known to detect doses of few mGy and can be successfully employed in the case of large scale radiation exposures due to nuclear accidents or terrorist acts. One brick and two tiles (50-80 years range) collected from an urban settlement were used to test the realistic minimum detectable dose limits of retrospective luminescence dosimetry. Independent methods like alpha counting, beta dosimetry, gamma spectrometry and flame photometry were used for the annual dose assessment. Two approaches were employed for the evaluation of the total accrued dose: regenerative dose and additive dose. The former allows the assessment of doses due to anthropogenic sources of radiation as low as approximately 12 mGy by using 10-year-old samples, but it can be applied only in samples showing no sensitisation. The latter can be applied to any sample, however, the related uncertainty is higher and minimum detectable anthropogenic dose in young samples amounts to 20 mGy.


J Environ Radioact


Veronese I,Giussani A,Göksu HY




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  • Time-series sampling of 223Ra and 224Ra at the inlet to Great South Bay (New York): a strategy for characterizing the dominant terms in the Ra budget of the bay.

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  • Whole-organism concentration ratios in wildlife inhabiting Australian uranium mining environments.

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  • Approaches to providing missing transfer parameter values in the ERICA Tool--how well do they work?

    abstract::A required parameter for the ERICA Tool is the concentration ratio (CR), which is used to describe the transfer from environmental media to a range of organisms. For the original parameterisation of the ERICA Tool, 60% of these values were derived using a variety of extrapolation approaches, including the application ...

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  • Natural radionuclide concentrations in two phosphate ores of east Algeria.

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  • Numerical modeling of the sources and behaviors of 222Rn, 220Rn and their progenies in the indoor environment-A review.

    abstract::222Rn, 220Rn and their short-lived progenies are well known radioactive indoor pollutants, identified as the leading environmental cause of lung cancer next to smoking. Apart from the conventional measurement methods, numerical modeling methods are developed to simulate their physical and decay processes in 222Rn and ...

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  • Monitoring rainwater and seaweed reveals the presence of (131)I in southwest and central British Columbia, Canada following the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.

    abstract::Detailed analysis of (131)I levels in rainwater and in three species of seaweed (Fucus distichus Linnaeus, Macrocystis pyrifera, and Pyropia fallax) collected in southwest British Columbia and Bella Bella, B.C., Canada was performed using gamma-ray spectroscopy following the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident on M...

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  • Radioisotope contaminations from releases of the Tomsk-Seversk nuclear facility (Siberia, Russia).

    abstract::Soils have been sampled in the vicinity of the Tomsk-Seversk facility (Siberia, Russia) that allows us to measure radioactive contaminations due to atmospheric and aquatic releases. Indeed soils exhibit large inventories of man-made fission products including 137Cs (ranging from 33,000 to 68,500 Bq m(-2)) and actinide...

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  • 228Ra/226Ra ratio and 7Be concentration in the Sea of Japan as indicators for water transport: comparison with migration pattern of Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP-derived 134Cs and 137Cs.

    abstract::To assess the migration patterns of radiocesium emitted from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP), we analyzed (228)Ra/(226)Ra ratios and (7)Be concentrations and compared them with (134)Cs and (137)Cs concentrations in seawater samples collected within the Sea of Japan before and after the FDNPP acciden...

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  • Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi on 137Cs uptake by plants grown on different soils.

    abstract::The potential use of mycorrhiza as a bioremediation agent for soils contaminated by radiocesium was evaluated in a greenhouse experiment. The uptake of (137)Cs by cucumber, perennial ryegrass, and sunflower after inoculation with a commercial arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) product in soils contaminated with (137)Cs was i...

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  • Stable and radioiodine concentrations in cow milk: dependence on iodine intake.

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  • Inter-comparison of dynamic models for radionuclide transfer to marine biota in a Fukushima accident scenario.

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  • Modelling the dispersion of radon-222 from a landform covered by low uranium grade waste rock.

    abstract::The dispersion of 222Rn from the planned remediation of the Ranger U mine in the wet-dry tropics of Northern Australia was modelled. Dry and wet season contour maps of 222Rn dose normalised to 226Ra activity concentration in the proposed waste rock substrate on the remediated landform were developed. Three example exp...

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  • Determination of the (137)Cs and (90)Sr radioisotope activity concentrations found in digestive organs of sheep fed with different feeds.

    abstract::In this study, 12 weanling lambs were fed for 6 months at the Vetenary Control and Research Institute of Elazığ in Turkey. Sheep were divided into two groups according to feeding type. Each group of sheep was fed a different amount of feed. The activity concentrations of (137)Cs and (90)Sr were determined in rumen, sm...

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  • The microbial impact on the sorption behaviour of selenite in an acidic, nutrient-poor boreal bog.

    abstract::(79)Se is among the most important long lived radionuclides in spent nuclear fuel and selenite, SeO3(2-), is its typical form in intermediate redox potential. The sorption behaviour of selenite and the bacterial impact on the selenite sorption in a 7-m-deep profile of a nutrient-poor boreal bog was studied using batch...

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  • The physicochemical distribution of 131I in a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

    abstract::As a consequence of therapeutic and diagnostic treatment of patients with thyroid diseases, 131I is introduced into the sewage system on a regular basis. This presents an opportunity to use the 131I as a tracer to study its partitioning and transport within a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). In the case of nuclear a...

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  • Six-year trends in exchangeable radiocesium in Fukushima forest soils.

    abstract::We investigated the changes in 137Cs exchangeable fraction in the soils of contaminated forest ecosystems until 6 years after the Fukushima radioactive atmospheric deposits. For this investigation, we performed chemical extractions of 137Cs from both organic and mineral soil layer sampled from two forest stands, Japan...

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  • Estimated lifetime effective dose to hunters and their families in the three most contaminated counties in Sweden after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986 - A pilot study.

    abstract::Hunters and their families were one of the most exposed subpopulations in Sweden after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986. In this pilot study we used existing registries and whole-body measurements to develop algorithms to calculate lifetime effective doses and collective doses to some hunters in Swed...

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  • Seasonal variations of 222Rn concentrations in the air of a tunnel located in Nagano city.

    abstract::The seasonal variation of 222Rn concentrations in the air of tunnels constructed during World War II at Nagano City has been investigated. The determination of 222Rn concentrations in tunnel air was performed using a solid-state nuclear track detector technique. The monthly radon concentrations changed smoothly, decre...

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  • Radon-222 related influence on ambient gamma dose.

    abstract::Ambient gamma dose, radon, and rainfall have been monitored in southern Bucharest, Romania, from 2010 to 2016. The seasonal cycle of background ambient gamma dose peaked between July and October (100-105 nSv h-1), with minimum values in February (75-80 nSv h-1), the time of maximum snow cover. Based on 10 m a.g.l. rad...

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  • Distribution and correlation of the natural radionuclides in a coal mine of the West Macedonia Lignite Center (Greece).

    abstract::The distribution and correlation of six natural nuclides in the West Macedonia Lignite Center, Northern Greece were studied. Fifty-five samples of lignite, aged from 1.8 to 5 million years, and corresponding steriles, beds of marls, clays and sands alternating with the lignite, were collected perpendicular to the mine...

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  • Radioiodine sorption/desorption and speciation transformation by subsurface sediments from the Hanford Site.

    abstract::During the last few decades, considerable research efforts have been extended to identify more effective remediation treatment technologies to lower the (129)I concentrations to below federal drinking water standards at the Hanford Site (Richland, USA). Few studies have taken iodate into consideration, though recently...

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  • Development and validation of an automated unit for the extraction of radiocaesium from seawater.

    abstract::An automated unit was developed for the in-situ extraction of radiocaesium ((137)Cs and (134)Cs) from large volumes of seawater to achieve very low detection limits. The unit was designed for monitoring of Australian ocean and coastal waters, including at ports visited by nuclear-powered warships. The unit is housed w...

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  • The effects of sediment transport on temporal variation in radiocesium concentrations in very shallow water off the southern coast of Fukushima, Japan.

    abstract::We studied the very shallow coastal water off Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, and investigated: (1) temporal variation in 137Cs concentrations; (2) particle-size distribution of sediments; and (3) the effect on variation by waves, component-fractionated concentration of radiocesium and mineral composition at three s...

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  • Influence of soil texture on the distribution and availability of 238U, 230Th, and 226Ra in soils.

    abstract::The influence of soil texture on the distribution and availability of (238)U, (230)Th, and (226)Ra in soils was studied in soil samples collected at a rehabilitated uranium mine located in the Extremadura region in south-west Spain. The activity concentration (Bqkg(-1)) in the soils ranged from 60 to 750 for (238)U, f...

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  • Addressing ecological effects of radiation on populations and ecosystems to improve protection of the environment against radiation: Agreed statements from a Consensus Symposium.

    abstract::This paper reports the output of a consensus symposium organized by the International Union of Radioecology in November 2015. The symposium gathered an academically diverse group of 30 scientists to consider the still debated ecological impact of radiation on populations and ecosystems. Stimulated by the Chernobyl and...

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    authors: Bréchignac F,Oughton D,Mays C,Barnthouse L,Beasley JC,Bonisoli-Alquati A,Bradshaw C,Brown J,Dray S,Geras'kin S,Glenn T,Higley K,Ishida K,Kapustka L,Kautsky U,Kuhne W,Lynch M,Mappes T,Mihok S,Møller AP,Mothersill C

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