Depression and burn wounds.


:The biopsychosocial impact of a burn injury on the individual hospitalized for severe burn wounds begins at the moment of injury and extends throughout that person's life. Medical and emotional problems do not exist in clinical isolation but instead interact to confound and complicate treatment outcomes, accentuating the importance of providing optimal treatment of patients' medical illnesses without neglecting their mental distress. Identifying, and responding to, the signs and symptoms of depression is integral to the burn patient's recovery and rehabilitation.


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  • Comparison of Suicide Attempts/Behaviors Following Smoking Cessation Treatments Among Schizophrenic Smokers.

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  • Adolescents' and Young Adults' Beliefs about Mental Health Services and Care: A Systematic Review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Adolescents and young people are known to hold negative views about mental illness. There is less known about their beliefs about mental health services and care. OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to systematically examine literature on the beliefs of adolescents and young people from the general populati...

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  • The impact of childhood sexual abuse on the psychological well-being and practice of nurses.

    abstract::This study compares the psychological well-being of nurses who were sexually abused as children with those who were not abused and considers the impact of this abuse on aspects of their clinical practice. On the psychological measures, abused nurses differed from the nonabused nurses by having significantly higher dis...

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  • Subspecialization within psychiatric consultation-liaison nursing.

    abstract::Specialization within health care is evolving in response to the proliferation of knowledge about disease treatment and health management. The practice of psychiatric consultation-liaison nursing in the acute care hospital is diversifying through subspecialization as a result of this trend. This article examines the c...

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  • Factors associated with common mental disorders and use of psychiatric drugs in cancer outpatients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Considering the high incidence of cancer in Brazil and worldwide, the high prevalence and relevance of Common Mental Disorders (CMD) in the treatment of cancer patients, and the use of psychiatric drugs without reliably proven effectiveness, studies that contemplate this topic are needed to understand and pr...

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  • Exploring the Experience of Self-Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults.

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  • An evaluation of four programs for the management of aggression in psychiatric settings.

    abstract::Regulatory agencies are encouraging health care facilities to address the problem of violence to employees. In response to this pressure, most psychiatric facilities now require and implement formal education for the nursing staff on a yearly or biannual basis in the management of aggressive behavior (MAB). Although s...

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    abstract::This experimental study was carried out using a pre-test/post-test control group model to evaluate the effect of a "Brief Cognitive Behavioural Stress Management Programme" (BCBSMP) on mental status, coping with stress attitude, and caregiver burden while caring for patients with schizophrenia. A total of 61 caregiver...

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    abstract::In this study a symptom self-regulation model was used as a framework to examine the characteristics and stability of indicators of illness identified by individuals with schizophrenia. Subjects were interviewed to determine if they could identify indicators of illness and describe characteristics of their primary ind...

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  • Psychiatric hospitalization as an experience of trauma.

    abstract::The experience of being a client in a locked, inpatient psychiatric unit can be considered trauma-producing. This article examines that phenomenon, offers suggestions for reform, and recommends dialogue for further change. ...

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    authors: Cohen LJ

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  • Medical/psychiatric comanagement by nurse practitioners in chronic hepatitis C treatment: a case study.

    abstract::This article aims to increase access to care for patients with chronic hepatitis C who have medical and psychiatric comorbidities by reporting on a clinical advanced practice nursing comanagement model for evaluation, treatment, and follow-up care. ...

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