OPUS-Rota3: Improving Protein Side-Chain Modeling by Deep Neural Networks and Ensemble Methods.


:Side-chain modeling is critical for protein structure prediction since the uniqueness of the protein structure is largely determined by its side-chain packing conformation. In this paper, differing from most approaches that rely on rotamer library sampling, we first propose a novel side-chain rotamer prediction method based on deep neural networks, named OPUS-RotaNN. Then, on the basis of our previous work OPUS-Rota2, we propose an open-source side-chain modeling framework, OPUS-Rota3, which integrates the results of different methods into its rotamer library as the sampling candidates. By including OPUS-RotaNN into OPUS-Rota3, we conduct our experiments on three native backbone test sets and one non-native backbone test set. On the native backbone test set, CAMEO-Hard61 for example, OPUS-Rota3 successfully predicts 51.14% of all side-chain dihedral angles with a tolerance criterion of 20° and outperforms OSCAR-star (50.87%), SCWRL4 (50.40%), and FASPR (49.85%). On the non-native backbone test set DB379-ITASSER, the accuracy of OPUS-Rota3 is 52.49%, better than OSCAR-star (48.95%), FASPR (48.69%), and SCWRL4 (48.29%). All the source codes including the training codes and the data we used are available at https://github.com/thuxugang/opus_rota3.


J Chem Inf Model


Xu G,Wang Q,Ma J




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2020-12-28 00:00:00












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  • Ligand-based virtual screening approach using a new scoring function.

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  • Discovery of New SIRT2 Inhibitors by Utilizing a Consensus Docking/Scoring Strategy and Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis.

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  • 3D-QSAR and docking studies of selective GSK-3beta inhibitors. Comparison with a thieno[2,3-b]pyrrolizinone derivative, a new potential lead for GSK-3beta ligands.

    abstract::The three-dimensional structures of 3-anilino-4-arylmaleimides, selective GSK-3beta inhibitors, were correlated to their biological affinities by 3D-QSAR studies (CoMFA method). The cocrystallographic data of GSK-3beta vs 3-anilino-4-arylmaleimide allowed us to compare 3D-QSAR results to experimental intermolecular in...

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  • Assessing the Conformational Equilibrium of Carboxylic Acid via Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Dynamics Studies on Acetic Acid.

    abstract::Accurate hydrogen placement in molecular modeling is crucial for studying the interactions and dynamics of biomolecular systems. The carboxyl functional group is a prototypical example of a functional group that requires protonation during structure preparation. To our knowledge, when in their neutral form, carboxylic...

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