C,N-codoped MoSi2 ceramic with excellent heat resistance for microwaves absorption application.


:Microwave absorption (MA) materials with high heat resistance have a wide range of applications in many fields. In this work, a C,N-codoped MoSi2 ceramic was prepared via a facile solid-phase reaction method and its MA properties was investigated. On the one hand, the results indicate that this ceramic possesses excellent heat resistance and the weight of the MoSi2 is almost constant when the temperature is lower than 800°C. On the other hand, this ceramic shows good MA performance when the filler loading ratio increases to 30 vol%, the value of reflection loss (RL) could reach to -17.70 dB at 7.44 GHz with the thickness of 2.0 mm and the effective electromagnetic absorption bandwidth (RL below -10 dB) could reach to 1.88 GHz (9.28-11.16 GHz) with the thickness of 1.5 mm. Multi-polarization resonance loss is considered as the predominant attention mechanism on the MA performance of this MoSi2 ceramic. This research provides a new idea for understanding resonance mechanism and greatly expands the application scope of MoSi2 ceramic in MA area.


R Soc Open Sci


Yang Z,Xu C,Xia Y,Xiong Z




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2020-07-29 00:00:00












  • Effects of thermal treatments on 10 major phenolics and their antioxidant contributions in Acer truncatum leaves and flowers.

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  • Adsorption and corrosion inhibition behaviour of new theophylline-triazole-based derivatives for steel in acidic medium.

    abstract::The design and synthesis of a series of theophylline derivatives containing 1,2,3-triazole moieties are presented. The corrosion inhibition activities of these new triazole-theophylline compounds were evaluated by studying the corrosion of API 5 L X52 steel in 1 M HCl medium. The results showed that an increase in the...

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  • Phantom of the forest or successful citizen? Analysing how Northern Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) cope with the urban environment.

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  • Experimental study on the compressive strength, damping and interfacial transition zone properties of modified recycled aggregate concrete.

    abstract::At present, many modification methods have been proposed to improve the performance of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC). In this study, tests on the compressive strength and damping properties of modified RAC with the addition of different proportions of recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) (0, 50, 100%), rubber powder (1...

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  • Social flocculation in plant-animal worms.

    abstract::Individual animals can often move more safely or more efficiently as members of a group. This can be as simple as safety in numbers or as sophisticated as aerodynamic or hydrodynamic cooperation. Here, we show that individual plant-animal worms (Symsagittifera roscoffensis) can move to safety more quickly through floc...

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  • The origins of babytalk: smiling, teaching or social convergence?

    abstract::When addressing their young infants, parents systematically modify their speech. Such infant-directed speech (IDS) contains exaggerated vowel formants, which have been proposed to foster language development via articulation of more distinct speech sounds. Here, this assumption is rigorously tested using both acoustic...

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  • Using 3D modelling and printing to study avian cognition from different geometric dimensions.

    abstract::Studying animal cognition is meaningful because it helps us understand how animals adapt to the natural environment. Many birds build nests, clean their nests and reject foreign objects from their nests, which provide an optimal opportunity for studying their cognition toward foreign objects in nests. However, hand-ma...

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  • Towards an integrated food safety surveillance system: a simulation study to explore the potential of combining genomic and epidemiological metadata.

    abstract::Foodborne infection is a result of exposure to complex, dynamic food systems. The efficiency of foodborne infection is driven by ongoing shifts in genetic machinery. Next-generation sequencing technologies can provide high-fidelity data about the genetics of a pathogen. However, food safety surveillance systems do not...

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  • Divalent cations bind to phosphoinositides to induce ion and isomer specific propensities for nano-cluster initiation in bilayer membranes.

    abstract::We report all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of asymmetric bilayers containing phosphoinositides in the presence of monovalent and divalent cations. We have characterized the molecular mechanism by which these divalent cations interact with phosphoinositides. Ca2+ desolvates more readily, consistent with single-m...

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  • Effects of azo dye on simultaneous biological removal of azo dye and nutrients in wastewater.

    abstract::The potential disrupting effects of Azo dye on wastewater nutrients removal deserved more analysis. In this study, 15 days exposure experiments were conducted with alizarin yellow R (AYR) as a model dye to determine whether the dye caused adverse effects on biological removal of both the dye and nutrients in acclimate...

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  • Taking a closer look: disentangling effects of functional diversity on ecosystem functions with a trait-based model across hierarchy and time.

    abstract::Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) research has progressed from the detection of relationships to elucidating their drivers and underlying mechanisms. In this context, replacing taxonomic predictors by trait-based measures of functional composition (FC)-bridging functions of species and of ecosystems-is a wi...

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  • Articulation and growth of skeletal elements in balanid barnacles (Balanidae, Balanomorpha, Cirripedia).

    abstract::The morphology and ultrastructure of the shells of two balanid species have been examined, paying special attention to the three types of boundaries between plates: (i) radii-parietes, (ii) alae-sheaths, and (iii) parietes-basal plate. At the carinal surfaces of the radii and at the rostral surfaces of the alae, there...

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  • On the linear in probability model for binary data.

    abstract::The analysis of binary response data commonly uses models linear in the logistic transform of probabilities. This paper considers some of the advantages and disadvantages of simple least-squares estimates based on a linear representation of the probabilities themselves, this in particular sometimes allowing a more dir...

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  • A modern method of multiple working hypotheses to improve inference in ecology.

    abstract::Science provides a method to learn about the relationships between observed patterns and the processes that generate them. However, inference can be confounded when an observed pattern cannot be clearly and wholly attributed to a hypothesized process. Over-reliance on traditional single-hypothesis methods (i.e. null h...

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  • Enhancing endorsement of scientific inquiry increases support for pro-environment policies.

    abstract::Pro-environment policies require public support and engagement, but in countries such as the USA, public support for pro-environment policies remains low. Increasing public scientific literacy is unlikely to solve this, because increased scientific literacy does not guarantee increased acceptance of critical environme...

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  • The boundary of holistic processing in the appraisal of facial attractiveness.

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  • Ecosystem services and ecological degradation of communal wetlands in a South African biodiversity hotspot.

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  • Janus microdimer swimming in an oscillating magnetic field.

    abstract::Artificial microswimmers powered by magnetic fields have numerous applications, such as drug delivery, biosensing for minimally invasive medicine and environmental remediation. Recently, a Janus microdimer surface walker that can be propelled by an oscillating magnetic field near a surface was reported by Li et al. (A...

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  • Shared Escovopsis parasites between leaf-cutting and non-leaf-cutting ants in the higher attine fungus-growing ant symbiosis.

    abstract::Fungus-gardening (attine) ants grow fungus for food in protected gardens, which contain beneficial, auxiliary microbes, but also microbes harmful to gardens. Among these potentially pathogenic microorganisms, the most consistently isolated are fungi in the genus Escovopsis, which are thought to co-evolve with ants and...

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  • Minerals in the gut: scoping a Cambrian digestive system.

    abstract::The Sirius Passet Lagerstätte of North Greenland contains the first exceptionally preserved mat-ground community of the Cambrian, dominated, in terms of abundance, by trilobites but particularly characterized by iconic arthropods and lobopods, some also occurring in the Burgess shale. High-resolution photography, scan...

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  • A green extraction design for enhancing flavonoid compounds from Ixora javanica flowers using a deep eutectic solvent.

    abstract::In this study, an environmentally friendly extraction method for flavonoid compound from Ixora javanica, as a new raw material candidate for herbal medicine and cosmetics, was developed. The objectives of the present work were to provide recommendations for the optimal extraction conditions and to investigate the effe...

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  • Highly efficient triazolone/metal ion/polydopamine/MCM-41 sustained release system with pH sensitivity for pesticide delivery.

    abstract::MCM-41 was prepared through the sol-gel method and encapsulated by polydopamine (PDA) before being coordinated with metal ions to form a highly efficient sustained release system (M-PDA-MCM-41) for triazolone delivery. The characterization results confirmed the existence of the coordination bond between the PDA layer ...

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  • Separation of the main flavonoids and essential oil from seabuckthorn leaves by ultrasonic/microwave-assisted simultaneous distillation extraction.

    abstract::Volatile essential oils (EOs), non-volatile rutin (RU), quercetin (QU), kaempferol (KA) and isorhamnetin (IS) were effectively extracted and isolated from seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) leaves by ionic liquid-based ultrasound/microwave-assisted simultaneous distillation extraction (ILUMASDE). After optimizatio...

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  • Evaluating the personality structure of semi-captive Asian elephants living in their natural habitat.

    abstract::Data on personality for long-lived, highly social wild mammals with high cognitive abilities are rare. We investigated the personality structure of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) by using a large sample of semi-captive timber elephants in Myanmar. Data were collected during 2014-2017 using questionnaires, for which...

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  • Feeding the world's largest fish: highly variable whale shark residency patterns at a provisioning site in the Philippines.

    abstract::Provisioning wildlife for tourism is a controversial yet widespread practice. We analysed the residency patterns of juvenile whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in Oslob, Philippines, where provisioning has facilitated a large shark-watching operation since 2011. We identified 208 individual sharks over three years, with a...

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  • An approximate solution for a penny-shaped hydraulic fracture that accounts for fracture toughness, fluid viscosity and leak-off.

    abstract::This paper develops a closed-form approximate solution for a penny-shaped hydraulic fracture whose behaviour is determined by an interplay of three competing physical processes that are associated with fluid viscosity, fracture toughness and fluid leak-off. The primary assumption that permits one to construct the solu...

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  • Reducing language to rhythm: Amazonian Bora drummed language exploits speech rhythm for long-distance communication.

    abstract::Many drum communication systems around the world transmit information by emulating tonal and rhythmic patterns of spoken languages in sequences of drumbeats. Their rhythmic characteristics, in particular, have not been systematically studied so far, although understanding them represents a rare occasion for providing ...

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  • Manta birostris, predator of the deep? Insight into the diet of the giant manta ray through stable isotope analysis.

    abstract::The characterization of diet for the giant manta ray Manta birostris has been problematic given their large-scale movement patterns and the difficulty in obtaining stomach contents from this species. The large majority of existing information is based on observational data limited to feeding events at the sea surface ...

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  • Performance improvement of miniaturized ZnO nanowire accelerometer fabricated by refresh hydrothermal synthesis.

    abstract::Miniaturized accelerometers are necessary for evaluating the performance of small devices, such as haptics, robotics and simulators. In this study, we fabricated miniaturized accelerometers using well-aligned ZnO nanowires. The layer of ZnO nanowires is used for active piezoelectric layer of the accelerometer, and cop...

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    authors: Song S,Kim HC,Kim JW,Kim D,Kim J

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  • Spreading of components of mood in adolescent social networks.

    abstract::Recent research has provided evidence that mood can spread over social networks via social contagion, but that, in seeming contradiction to this, depression does not. Here, we investigate whether there is evidence for the individual components of mood (such as appetite, tiredness and sleep) spreading through US adoles...

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    authors: Eyre RW,House T,Hill EM,Griffiths FE

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