Ageing as part of the curriculum for health-care professionals: A Queensland Survey.


OBJECTIVES:Education affects the attitudes and abilities of health professionals regarding older people. This study examines the nature and amount of ageing-related content in programs at universities and in continuing education in Queensland for disciplines involved in the direct care of older people. METHODS:Surveys developed for the different settings were sent to universities and health professional representative bodies. RESULTS:Representatives from thirty (of 71) programs and 12 (of 22) professional bodies responded. Many program representatives (62%) reported ageing content was at an appropriate level. The remainder indicated it was too low. Representatives from professional bodies identified ageing was a priority (81%) and offered ageing-related education (72%). Time spent on ageing in university programs varied widely (median of 67 hours [interquartile range: 222.5]). Qualitative feedback indicated tensions existed about accreditation standards and perceptions of ageing as a specialty versus a core practice area. CONCLUSION:Ageing-related education for health professionals requires attention to address shortcomings.


Australas J Ageing


Liddle J,Beattie E,Gannon B,Bennett S,Pachana NA




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  • Effects of family structure on risk of institutionalisation of disabled older people in Japan.

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