Effectiveness of a trauma-informed care psychoeducational program for foster carers - Evaluation of the Fostering Connections Program.


BACKGROUND:The need to improve the quality of foster care training has been highlighted and evidenced-based programs that aim to support foster carers in the care of children who have experienced trauma are warranted. OBJECTIVE:This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Fostering Connections program, a newly developed trauma-informed care program within the national child welfare agency in Ireland. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING:The study included 79 foster carers. The Fostering Connections group-based experiential intervention was delivered over a period of 6-weeks in a community-based setting to intervention group participants. METHODS:A quasi-experimental design was used to compare the results of the intervention group (n = 49), to a control group (n = 30,) who received usual care. Standardized assessment measures were used at baseline, 6-weeks on completion, 16 weeks and 15 months post-intervention. Foster carers' knowledge of trauma-informed fostering, tolerance of misbehavior and fostering efficacy, and children's emotional and behavioral difficulties were assessed. RESULTS:Significant improvements were found in foster carers' knowledge of trauma-informed fostering (p < 0.001), tolerance of child misbehavior (p = 0.007) and fostering efficacy (p < 0.001), with effect sizes ranging from medium to large and sustained over fifteen months (ES = 0.07-0.14). Significant improvement was also found in children's emotional and behavioral difficulties at fifteen months (p = 0.019), with a small effect size (ES = 0.05). CONCLUSION:Preliminary evidence suggests that Fostering Connections is potentially an effective intervention in increasing foster carer's capacity to provide children with trauma-informed care.


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Child abuse & neglect


Lotty M,Dunn-Galvin A,Bantry-White E




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  • Which sexual abuse victims receive a forensic medical examination? The impact of Children's Advocacy Centers.

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  • Screening for potential child maltreatment in parents of a newborn baby: The predictive validity of an Instrument for early identification of Parents At Risk for child Abuse and Neglect (IPARAN).

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  • Adverse and adaptive childhood experiences are associated with parental reflective functioning in mothers with substance use disorder.

    abstract::Mothers with a substance use disorder (SUD) are at risk for maladaptive parenting practices, and have heightened likelihood of having experienced childhood adversity themselves. In addition, parental reflective functioning (PRF), a capacity underlying sensitive caregiving, is often low in mothers with SUD. This study ...

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  • On the origins of the battered child syndrome: abuse as acting out of preverbal events.

    abstract::The clinical description of a chronically acting out boy, now 14 years old, physically abused by parents and especially by mother, has been the starting point for presenting some concepts on the nature and prevention of child abuse. This patient's life history included repeated hospital admissions, beginning the secon...

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  • The use of consumer injury registry data to evaluate physical abuse.

    abstract::Health care workers called upon to evaluate trauma in children must frequently decide if a given injury may have been intentionally inflicted. Some injuries are considered to be virtually diagnostic of abuse, but most are not at present readily associated with a particular type of intentional or nonintentional trauma....

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  • Evaluating the success of Sweden's corporal punishment ban.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:In 1979, Sweden became the first nation to explicitly prohibit all forms of corporal punishment of children by all caretakers in an effort to: (1) alter public attitudes toward this practice; (2) increase early identification of children at risk for abuse; and (3) promote earlier and more supportive intervent...

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  • How domestically violent Fathers impact children's social-emotional development: Fathers' psychological functioning, parenting, and coparenting.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Most children exposed to father-perpetrated domestic violence (DV) continue to have contact or live with fathers, yet there is little research on the impact of fathering in the context of domestic violence. OBJECTIVE:This paper aimed to identify pathways from children's exposure to father-perpetrated DV to ...

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  • Long-term psychological adjustment to witnessing interparental physical conflict during childhood.

    abstract::A retrospective survey of undergraduate students was used to examine the long-term psychological impact of witnessing interparental physical aggression during childhood. Two hundred and three of 1,452 young adults surveyed (14%) reported witnessing as children at least one incident of physical aggression between their...

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  • A comprehensive child sexual abuse treatment program.

    abstract::The number of families troubled by parent-child incest in the typical community is much larger than suspected by professional helpers. If left unattended, the victim(s) and the family as a whole will be critically traumatized. Parental incest in the nuclear family can be likened to terminal cancer in the individual. T...

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