Sexual behavior problems in sexually abused children: a preliminary typology.


OBJECTIVE:The goal was to develop an empirically derived typology for sexually abused children exhibiting sexual behavior problems to assist practitioners in differential assessment, treatment, and case planning. METHOD:Data were systematically gathered from the clinical records of 100 sexually abused children, aged 3 years to 7 years, enrolled in two treatment programs. Twelve indexes were created corresponding to major areas of child and family history, functioning, and treatment response. After initial sorting into subgroups based on the presence or absence of interpersonal sexual behavior problems, further subdivision was based on hierarchical cluster analysis. RESULTS:Five distinctive sexual behavior profiles emerged: (1) developmentally expected; and developmentally problematic (2) interpersonal, unplanned, (3) self-focused, (4) interpersonal, planned (noncoercive), and (5) interpersonal, planned (coercive). Elements of the child's sexual abuse experience, opportunities to learn/practice problematic sexual behavior, and familial variables best differentiated between the types. CONCLUSIONS:The five types differed not only in child sexual behavior but in most areas of child and family functioning, including treatment outcome. The findings offer support for the development of an empirically-based typology for children with sexual behavior problems utilizing a range of variables which go beyond typical classification systems based on offender and victim characteristics.


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  • Child maltreatment and adolescent mental health problems in a large birth cohort.

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  • Surreptitious warfarin ingestion.

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    abstract::For successful prosecution, investigative interviews with child sexual abuse victims need to establish the nature of the alleged offence by determining the body parts that were involved. To date, however, there has been a paucity of research on the extent to which children clearly identify sexual body parts in intervi...

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  • Challenges we face in understanding children and war: a personal essay.

    abstract::War is a correlate of child abuse in several respects. War generally elevates the level of violence in the warring society, and thus increases risk for abuse. War disrupts communities and families (and thereby presumably undermines social support systems and increases single parenthood). War kills and maims children a...

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  • Exploring relationships as mediators of treatment outcomes among commercially sexually exploited youth.

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  • Community characteristics, conservative ideology, and child abuse rates.

    abstract::Authoritarian ideology, including religious conservativism, endorses obedience to authority and physical punishment of children. Although this association has been studied at the level of the family, little research has been conducted on whether conservativism in the broader community context correlates with the mistr...

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    abstract::Some adolescents in the United States who have been abused and/or neglected by caregivers and placed in permanent custody of the state leave, or "age out" of foster care at 18 years of age. Poor health outcomes among individuals who age out are notable, yet few studies describe the phenomenon of seeking healthcare ser...

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  • The impact of a statewide trauma-informed child welfare initiative on children's permanency and maltreatment outcomes.

    abstract::This article presents findings of a state-wide trauma informed child-welfare initiative with the goal of improving well-being, permanency and maltreatment outcomes for traumatized children. The Massachuetts Child Trauma Project (MCTP), funded by the Administration of Children and Families, Children's Bureau was a mult...

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  • Childhood maltreatment, childhood social support, and child abuse potential in a Basque sample.

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