The ultrastructure of the anal vesicle of the parasitoid, Microplitis croceipes (Hymenoptera:Braconidae).


:The fine structural characteristics of epithelial cells of the anal vesicle in the hymenopteran parasitoid, Microplitis croceipes (Cresson), are similar to those of transport cells. Apical and basal infoldings, an abundance of mitochondria, ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complexes and pinocytotic vesicles all indicate a transport function for these epithelial cells. The medial portions of both Malpighian tubules located within the anal vesicle also were examined and on the basis of morphology appear to be active. These observations support earlier physiological data which indicate that the anal vesicle functions in absorption of nutrients and excretion.


J Morphol


Journal of morphology


Edson KM,Norton WN,Vinson SB




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1977-11-01 00:00:00












  • An investigation of the prolactin-thyroxine synergism in newt limb regeneration.

    abstract::The use of hormone replacement to support limb regeneration in hypophysectomized newts has been the subject of many investigations. Growth hormone, as well as prolactin (PL) in combination with exogenously supplied thyroxine, have all been shown to he effective. However, the bovine growth hormone used to support limb ...

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  • Sperm ultrastructure in Bathypolypus bairdii and B. sponsalis (Cephalopoda: Octopoda).

    abstract::A morphological comparison of the spermatozoa of the octopods Bathypolypus bairdii and B. sponsalis has been carried out by electron microscopy. Although the mature spermatozoon of B. bairdii is longer and thinner than that of B. sponsalis, its general ultrastructure is similar except for some minor differences. Their...

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  • Absence asymmetry: the evolution of monorchid beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae).

    abstract::Asymmetrical monorchy, or the complete absence of one testis coupled with the presence of its bilateral counterpart, is reported for 174 species of the carabid beetle tribes Abacetini, Harpalini, and Platynini (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae) based on a survey of over 820 species from throughout the family. This condi...

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  • Synthesis of interkeratin matrix in differentiating lizard epidermis: an ultrastructural autoradiographic study after injection of tritiated proline and histidine.

    abstract::During epidermal differentiation in mammals, keratins and keratin-associated matrix proteins rich in histidine are synthesized to produce a corneous layer. Little is known about interkeratin proteins in nonmammalian vertebrates, especially in reptiles. Using ultrastructural autoradiography after injection of tritiated...

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  • Evolutionary and functional substitution of extrinsic musculature in Solifugae (Arachnida).

    abstract::The locomotory system of Solifugae is distinct from that of other Arachnida in several ways. Only three pairs of legs are involved in locomotion, while the first pair function as sensory appendages. Morphologically, the proximal region of the locomotory system in Solifugae is characterized by fused coxae. Within the p...

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  • The dorsal fin engine of the seahorse (Hippocampus sp.).

    abstract::The muscles, fin ray joints, and supporting structures underlying the dorsal fin are described for two seahorse species: Hippocampus zosterae and Hippocampus erectus. A fan-shaped array of cartilaginous bones, the pterigiophores, form the internal supporting structure of the dorsal fin. Each pterigiophore is composed ...

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  • Suboccipital muscles in the cat neck: morphometry and histochemistry of the rectus capitis muscle complex.

    abstract::The morphometry, histochemistry, and biomechanical relationships of rectus capitis muscles were examined in adult cats. This family of muscles contained six members on the dorsal, ventral, and lateral aspects of the upper cervical vertebral column. Three dorsal muscles (rectus capitis posterior major, medius, and mino...

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  • Cell death and optic fiber penetration in the optic stalk of the chick.

    abstract::The role of dying cells in the optic stalk in relation to retinal fiber migration was investigated in the chick embryo. Cell death was analysed at various stages of development by counting pycnotic nuclei and also by the Gomori acid phosphatase reaction, while nerve fibers were visualised by the Bodian method. A wave ...

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  • The head morphology of Clambidae and its implications for the phylogeny of Scirtoidea (Coleoptera: Polyphaga).

    abstract::External and internal structures of the head of adults of Clambus are described and illustrated in detail. The results are compared with structural features found in the clambid genus Calyptomerus, in representatives of other scirtoid families, and also in species of other coleopteran suborders, notably Myxophaga. The...

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  • Internal reproductive system in adult males of the genus Camponotus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae).

    abstract::Descriptions are provided of the histology and ultrastructure of the male internal reproductive tracts from three species of Camponotus, representing three subgenera. This study is the first to provide ultrastructural information on the testes (including spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis), seminal vesicles, and acces...

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  • Histomorphology of the glans penis in Vespertilionidae and Phyllostomidae species (Chiroptera, Mammalia).

    abstract::The penises of bats are taxonomically distinctive in size and shape. In addition, they are variable in microscopic anatomy, indicating that histomorphological studies of copulatory organs of bats may help understanding their successful reproductive strategies. We studied adult males of 13 species of vespertilionid and...

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  • On the allometry of long bones in dogs (Canis familiaris).

    abstract::The allometric relations of diameter and length of humerus, ulna, femur, and tibia of 108 specimens, from 63 different breeds of dogs and 12 specimens of wolves, were calculated by means of model II of regression or major axis method. Only for the tibia were the values of wolves included in the cluster formed for dog ...

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  • The development and replacement of teeth in viviparous caecilians.

    abstract::Tooth development and replacement in fetal and adult viviparous caecilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) are described and analyzed according to current theories of tooth succession. The fetal dentition differs from that of the adult in morphology, position, and function. Teeth are used by fetuses to scrape the oviducal epi...

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  • Fine structure of the branchial epithelium in the teleost Oreochromis niloticus.

    abstract::We have studied the gill epithelium of Oreochromis niloticus using transmission electron microscopy with the particular interested relationship between cell morphology and osmotic, immunoregulatory, or other non-regulatory functions of the gill. Pavement cells covered the filament epithelium and lamellae of gills, wit...

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  • Fine structure and functional morphology of the mouthparts of a male Veigaia sp. (Gamasida: Veigaiidae) with remarks on the spermatodactyl and related sensory structures.

    abstract::Mites of the genus Veigaia are common gamasid inhabitants of forest litter. They engage in the peculiar reproductive strategy of podospermy which, along with other morphological and behavioral adaptations, involves modification of the chelicerae of the relatively rare males into gonopods. Each movable digit is provide...

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  • Organogenesis in the budding process of the freshwater bryozoan Cristatella mucedo Cuvier, 1798 (Bryozoa, Phylactolaemata).

    abstract::The phylogenetic position of bryozoans has been disputed for decades, and molecular phylogenetic analyzes have not unequivocally clarified their position within the Bilateria. As probably the most basal bryozoans, Phylactolaemata is the most promising taxon for large-scale phylogenetic comparisons. These comparisons r...

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  • Ultrastructure of the agranular cells in the adenohypophysis of the South American lungfish, Lepidosiren paradoxa.

    abstract::Light and electron microscopic examination demonstrated two types of non-endocrine agranular cells, cavity boundary cells and stellate cells, in the adenohypophysis of the South American lungfish, Lepidosiren paradoxa. The cavity boundary cells line the hypophyseal cleft and diverticulum and display few microvilli, oc...

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  • Placentation in garter snakes. III. Transmission EM of the omphalallantoic placenta of Thamnophis radix and T. sirtalis.

    abstract::The omphalallantoic placenta is a complex organ that is unique to viviparous squamates. Using transmission EM and light microscopy, we examined this placenta in garter snakes in order to understand its structural organization and functional capabilities. The omphalallantoic placenta is formed from the uterine lining a...

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  • Basic fibroblast growth factor, neurofilament, and glial fibrillary acidic protein immunoreactivities in the myenteric plexus of the rat esophagus and colon.

    abstract::The enteric nervous system consists of a number of interconnected networks of neuronal cell bodies and fibers as well as satellite cells, the enteric glia. Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) is a mitogen for a variety of mesodermal and neuroectodermal-derived cells and its presence has been described in many tissue...

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    authors: Chadi G,Gomide VC,Rodrigues de Souza R,Scabello RT,Maurício da Silva C

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  • Ultrastructure of the sensory epithelia of oral tube, fungiform sensory bodies, and terminal knobs of tentacles of Ovatella myosotis Draparnaud (Archaeopulmonata, Gastropoda).

    abstract::Sensory epithelia of the oral tube, a fungiform body anterior to the tentacles and of the terminal knob of tentacles, were studied in Ovatella myosotis by electron microscopy. All three epithelia consist of columnar support cells, sensory cells, and, except in the oral tube, numerous goblet cells. The epithelia differ...

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  • Appendicular skeletal morphology in minute salamanders, genus Thorius (amphibia: Plethodontidae): Growth regulation, adult size determination, and natural variation.

    abstract::Patterns of growth and variation of the appendicular skeleton were examined in Thorius, a speciose genus of minute terrestrial plethodontid salamanders from southern Mexico. Observations were based primarily on ontogenetic series of each of five species that collectively span the range of adult body size in the genus;...

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  • The arterial arches and their interpretation in Bipes and other amphisbaenians.

    abstract::The study of the arterial arches of Bipes, the only amphisbaenian with forelimbs, resolves the problem of the interpretation of the structure of the arterial arches in other forms of this group of squamate reptiles. In Bipes, as in turtles, the subclavian and common carotid arteries originate from a brachiocephalic tr...

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  • Ultrastructure of the venous ampulla in the interradicular microvascular bed of the mandibular molars of Mus musculus.

    abstract::The interradicular periodontal ligament of mandibular molars contains an apparently unique dilated vessel straddling the interradicular alveolar bone. This structure is designated a venous ampulla. The vessel possesses a luminal length and width of approximately 200 X 100 microns, respectively. Ultrastructurally, the ...

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  • Points on the curve: An analysis of methods for assessing the shape of vertebrate claws.

    abstract::The form of amniote claws has been extensively investigated, often with inferences about ecological association being drawn from studies of their geometry. Various methods have been used to quantify differences in the geometry of claws, but rarely have the underlying assumptions of such methods been addressed. Here, w...

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  • Regeneration of digits and forelimbs in the Kenyan reed frog Hyperolius viridiflavus ferniquei.

    abstract::Newly metamorphosed individuals of the Kenyan reed frog, Hyperolius viridiflavus ferniquei, are able completely to regenerate amputated digits, including the morphologically complex digital pad. The sequence of morphological events is very similar to that seen in the typical epimorphic regeneration of amphibian extrem...

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  • Avian scale development. Absence of an "epidermal placode" in reticulate scale morphogenesis.

    abstract::Timed-sequence studies have shown that reticulate scales on the ventral footpads of birds do not undergo "epidermal placode" formation during their morphogenesis, but arise as symmetrical evaluations similar to the scales of snakes and lizards. Unlike the scutellate scales on the dorsal surface of the foot, in which t...

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  • Neuromuscular organization of feline anterior sartorius: II. Intramuscular length changes and complex length-tension relationships during stimulation of individual nerve branches.

    abstract::The feline anterior sartorius is a long strap-like muscle composed of short muscle fibers. Nerve branches that enter this muscle contain the axons of motor units whose constituent muscle fibers are distributed asymmetrically within the muscle. In the present study, twitch and tetanic isometric contractions were evoked...

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  • Evolution of the branchiostegal membrane and restricted gill openings in Actinopterygian fishes.

    abstract::A phylogenetic survey is a powerful approach for investigating the evolutionary history of a morphological characteristic that has evolved numerous times without obvious functional implications. Restricted gill openings, an extreme modification of the branchiostegal membrane, are an example of such a characteristic. W...

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    authors: Farina SC,Near TJ,Bemis WE

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  • Geometric morphometric analysis as a proxy to evaluate age-related change in molar shape variation of low-crowned Notoungulata (Mammalia).

    abstract::Shape and age variation in dentition of Paleogene extinct native South American ungulates (Notoungulata) has been traditionally described using qualitative and quantitative approaches, and has played a controversial role in the systematics of several groups. Such is the case of the Notopithecidae, a group of notoungul...

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    authors: Scarano AC,Vera B

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  • Descriptive and functional anatomy of the digital vascular system of the tokay, Gekko gecko.

    abstract::The vascular system of the digits of the tokay is more complex than has hitherto been suspected and has a configuration which suggests it is intimately involved in the process of adhesion. Distinction can be made between lamellae (expanded scales beneath the proximal portion of the digit) and scansors (elaborations of...

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    authors: Russell AP

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