HIS-based electronic documentation can significantly reduce the time from biopsy to final report for prostate tumours and supports quality management as well as clinical research.


BACKGROUND:Timely and accurate information is important to guide the medical treatment process. We developed, implemented and assessed an order-entry system to support documentation of prostate histologies involving urologists, pathologists and physicians in private practice. METHODS:We designed electronic forms for histological prostate biopsy reports in our hospital information system (HIS). These forms are created by urologists and sent electronically to pathologists. Pathological findings are entered into the system and sent back to the urologists. We assessed time from biopsy to final report (TBF) and compared pre-implementation phase (paper-based forms) and post-implementation phase. In addition we analysed completeness of the electronic data. RESULTS:We compared 87 paper-based with 86 electronic cases. Using electronic forms within the HIS decreases time span from biopsy to final report by more than one day per patient (p < 0.0001). Beyond the optimized workflow we observed a good acceptance because physicians were already familiar with the HIS. The possibility to use these routine data for quality management and research purposes is an additional important advantage of the electronic system. CONCLUSION:Electronic documentation can significantly reduce the time from biopsy to final report of prostate biopsy results and generates a reliable basis for quality management and research purposes.


Breil B,Semjonow A,Dugas M




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2009-01-20 00:00:00










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