An Investigation of Socially Advantaged and Disadvantaged Turkish Mothers' Views About Training on Preventing Children From Sexual Abuse.


:This study aims to investigate the views of socially advantaged (N = 8) and disadvantaged mothers (N = 8) whose children are aged between 48 and 66 months old about the issue of sexual abuse before and after the training provided to them. The views of mothers in both groups were investigated before and after the 5-week experience-based training about my body belongs to me, knowing and expressing feelings, good and bad touch, good and bad secrets, knowing how to say no, and help resources. The data were analyzed using content analysis methods. The study showed that the mothers have inaccurate or insufficient information and approaches about preventing sexual abuse. However, short-term training provided to the mothers changed their views, and the mothers in the disadvantaged group gained more awareness. The mothers in both groups stated that sexual abuse prevention trainings should be disseminated in preschool institutions.


J Child Sex Abus


Sanberk İ,Emen M,Kabakçı D




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