Acute Pain Management in Hospitalized Adult Patients with Opioid Dependence: A Narrative Review and Guide for Clinicians.


:Pain management is a core competency of hospital medicine, and effective acute pain management should be a goal for all hospital medicine providers. The prevalence of opioid use in the United States, both therapeutic and non-medical in origin, has dramatically increased over the past decade. Although nonopioid medications and nondrug treatments are essential components of managing all acute pain, opioids continue to be the mainstay of treatment for severe acute pain in both opioid-naïve and opioid-dependent patients. In this review, we provide an evidence-based approach to appropriate and safe use of opioid analgesics in treating acute pain in hospitalized patients who are opioid-dependent. Journal of Hospital Medicine 2017;12:375-379.


J Hosp Med


Raub JN,Vettese TE




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  • Early detection, prevention, and mitigation of critical illness outside intensive care settings.

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  • Scheduled admissions and high occupancy at a children's hospital.

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  • Improving appropriateness of acid-suppressive medication use via computerized clinical decision support.

    abstract::As part of the Choosing Wisely Campaign, the Society of Hospital Medicine identified reducing inappropriate use of acid-suppressive medication for stress ulcer prophylaxis as 1 of 5 key opportunities to improve the value of care for hospitalized patients. We designed a computerized clinical decision support interventi...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) is a safe way to administer intravenous (IV) antimicrobial therapy to patients with the potential to decrease hospital length of stay (LOS). Often, homeless patients with complex infections, who could otherwise be treated as an outpatient, remain in the hosp...

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  • Pediatric hospitalists: training, current practice, and career goals.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the range and frequency of experiences, clinical and nonclinical roles, training, work expectations, and career plans of practicing pediatric hospitalists. DESIGN:Mail survey study of a national sample of 530 pediatric hospitalists of whom 67% (N = 338) were from teaching hospitals, 71% (N = 374...

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  • Impact of Preoperative Specialty Consults on Hospitalist Comanagement of Hip Fracture Patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hip fractures typically occur in frail elderly patients. Preoperative specialty consults, in addition to hospitalist comanagement, are often requested for preoperative risk assessment. OBJECTIVE:Determine if preoperative specialty consults meaningfully influence management and outcomes in hip fracture patie...

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