SMIfp (SMILES fingerprint) chemical space for virtual screening and visualization of large databases of organic molecules.


:SMIfp (SMILES fingerprint) is defined here as a scalar fingerprint describing organic molecules by counting the occurrences of 34 different symbols in their SMILES strings, which creates a 34-dimensional chemical space. Ligand-based virtual screening using the city-block distance CBD(SMIfp) as similarity measure provides good AUC values and enrichment factors for recovering series of actives from the directory of useful decoys (DUD-E) and from ZINC. DrugBank, ChEMBL, ZINC, PubChem, GDB-11, GDB-13, and GDB-17 can be searched by CBD(SMIfp) using an online SMIfp-browser at Visualization of the SMIfp chemical space was performed by principal component analysis and color-coded maps of the (PC1, PC2)-planes, with interactive access to the molecules enabled by the Java application SMIfp-MAPPLET available from These maps spread molecules according to their fraction of aromatic atoms, size and polarity. SMIfp provides a new and relevant entry to explore the small molecule chemical space.


J Chem Inf Model


Schwartz J,Awale M,Reymond JL




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  • Identifying biologically active compound classes using phenotypic screening data and sampling statistics.

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  • Modeling oral rat chronic toxicity.

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  • Molecular Modeling Investigation of the Interaction between Humicola insolens Cutinase and SDS Surfactant Suggests a Mechanism for Enzyme Inactivation.

    abstract::One of the largest commercial applications of enzymes and surfactants is as main components in modern detergents. The high concentration of surfactant compounds usually present in detergents can, however, negatively affect the enzymatic activity. To remedy this drawback, it is of great importance to characterize the i...

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