Optimal photosynthetic use of light by tropical tree crowns achieved by adjustment of individual leaf angles and nitrogen content.


BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Theory for optimal allocation of foliar nitrogen (ONA) predicts that both nitrogen concentration and photosynthetic capacity will scale linearly with gradients of insolation within plant canopies. ONA is expected to allow plants to efficiently use both light and nitrogen. However, empirical data generally do not exhibit perfect ONA, and light-use optimization per se is little explored. The aim was to examine to what degree partitioning of nitrogen or light is optimized in the crowns of three tropical canopy tree species. METHODS:Instantaneous photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) incident on the adaxial surface of individual leaves was measured along vertical PPFD gradients in tree canopies at a frequency of 0.5 Hz over 9-17 d, and summed to obtain the average daily integral of PPFD for each leaf to characterize its insolation regime. Also measured were leaf N per area (N(area)), leaf mass per area (LMA), the cosine of leaf inclination and the parameters of the photosynthetic light response curve [photosynthetic capacity (A(max)), dark respiration (R(d)), apparent quantum yield (phi) and curvature (theta)]. The instantaneous PPFD measurements and light response curves were used to estimate leaf daily photosynthesis (A(daily)) for each leaf. KEY RESULTS:Leaf N(area) and A(max) changed as a hyperbolic asymptotic function of the PPFD regime, not the linear relationship predicted by ONA. Despite this suboptimal nitrogen partitioning among leaves, A(daily) did increase linearly with PPFD regime through co-ordinated adjustments in both leaf angle and physiology along canopy gradients in insolation, exhibiting a strong convergence among the three species. CONCLUSIONS:The results suggest that canopy tree leaves in this tropical forest optimize photosynthetic use of PPFD rather than N per se. Tropical tree canopies then can be considered simple 'big-leaves' in which all constituent 'small leaves' use PPFD with the same photosynthetic efficiency.


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Annals of botany


Posada JM,Lechowicz MJ,Kitajima K




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  • A trade-off between guerrilla and phalanx growth forms in Leymus secalinus under different nutrient supplies.

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  • Dissecting the 'bacon and eggs' phenotype: transcriptomics of post-anthesis colour change in Lotus.

    abstract:Background and Aims:Post-anthesis colour change (PACC) is widely thought to be an adaptation to signal floral suitability to pollinators. Lotus filicaulis and Lotus sessilifolius are insect-pollinated herbaceous legumes with flowers that open yellow, shift to orange and finally red. This study examines the molecular ba...

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  • Low levels of pyrophosphate in transgenic potato plants expressing E. coli pyrophosphatase lead to decreased vitality under oxygen deficiency.

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  • Characteristic thickened cell walls of the bracts of the 'eternal flower' Helichrysum bracteatum.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Helichrysum bracteatum is called an 'eternal flower' and has large, coloured, scarious bracts. These maintain their aesthetic value without wilting or discoloration for many years. There have been no research studies of cell death or cell morphology of the scarious bract, and hence the aim of this w...

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  • Functional heterostyly in Tylosema esculentum (Caesalpinioideae).

    abstract::Tylosema esculentum is a long-lived perennial species endemic to arid areas of southern Africa. Its potential as a crop species has long been recognized as a result of the high oil and protein content of its seeds. The reproductive biology and breeding systems of the species were investigated in wild and experimental ...

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  • Large- and small-scale environmental factors drive distributions of cool-adapted plants in karstic microrefugia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Dolines are small- to large-sized bowl-shaped depressions of karst surfaces. They may constitute important microrefugia, as thermal inversion often maintains cooler conditions within them. This study aimed to identify the effects of large- (macroclimate) and small-scale (slope aspect and vegetation ...

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  • Plant hormones in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses: an emerging role for gibberellins.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses are important for nutrient acquisition in >80 % of terrestrial plants. Recently there have been major breakthroughs in understanding the signals that regulate colonization by the fungus, but the roles of the known plant hormones are still emerging. Here our understan...

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