Sexual dimorphism and rapid turnover in gene expression in pre-reproductive seedlings of a dioecious herb.


BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Sexual dimorphism in morphology, physiology or life history traits is common in dioecious plants at reproductive maturity, but it is typically inconspicuous or absent in juveniles. Although plants of different sexes probably begin to diverge in gene expression both before their reproduction commences and before dimorphism becomes readily apparent, to our knowledge transcriptome-wide differential gene expression has yet to be demonstrated for any angiosperm species. METHODS:The present study documents differences in gene expression in both above- and below-ground tissues of early pre-reproductive individuals of the wind-pollinated dioecious annual herb, Mercurialis annua, which otherwise shows clear sexual dimorphism only at the adult stage. KEY RESULTS:Whereas males and females differed in their gene expression at the first leaf stage, sex-biased gene expression peaked just prior to, and after, flowering, as might be expected if sexual dimorphism is partly a response to differential costs of reproduction. Sex-biased genes were over-represented among putative sex-linked genes in M. annua but showed no evidence for more rapid evolution than unbiased genes. CONCLUSIONS:Sex-biased gene expression in M. annua occurs as early as the first whorl of leaves is produced, is highly dynamic during plant development and varies substantially between vegetative tissues.


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  • Evolutionary diversification and geographical isolation in Dubautia laxa (Asteraceae), a widespread member of the Hawaiian silversword alliance.

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  • On the persistence of reproductive barriers in Eucalyptus: the bridging of mechanical barriers to zygote formation by F1 hybrids is counteracted by intrinsic post-zygotic incompatibilities.

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  • Interaction of a 14-3-3 protein with the plant microtubule-associated protein EDE1.

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  • Modelling the structural response of cotton plants to mepiquat chloride and population density.

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  • Compatibility and incompatibility in S-RNase-based systems.

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  • The barley MATE gene, HvAACT1, increases citrate efflux and Al(3+) tolerance when expressed in wheat and barley.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Aluminium is toxic in acid soils because the soluble Al(3+) inhibits root growth. A mechanism of Al(3+) tolerance discovered in many plant species involves the release of organic anions from root apices. The Al(3+)-activated release of citrate from the root apices of Al(3+)-tolerant genotypes of bar...

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  • Assessment of the validity of the sections in Musa (musaceae) using AFLP.

    abstract::Musa L. (Musaceae) is currently separated into five sections (Musa. Rhodochlamys, Callimusa, Australimusa and Ingentimusa) based on chromosome numbers and morphological characters. However, the validation of this classification system is questioned due to the common occurrence of hybridizations across sections and the...

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  • First record of bat-pollination in the species-rich genus Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae).

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Bromeliaceae is a species-rich neotropical plant family that uses a variety of pollinators, principally vertebrates. Tillandsia is the most diverse genus, and includes more than one-third of all bromeliad species. Within this genus, the majority of species rely on diurnal pollination by hummingbirds...

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  • Exogenous ethylene inhibits sprout growth in onion bulbs.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Exogenous ethylene has recently gained commercial interest as a sprouting inhibitor of onion bulbs. The role of ethylene in dormancy and sprouting of onions, however, is not known. METHODS:A cultivar (Allium cepa 'Copra') with a true period of dormancy was used. Dormant and sprouting states of onio...

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  • Large clones on cliff faces: expanding by rhizomes through crevices.

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  • A developmentally based categorization of branching in Trifolium repens L.: influence of nodal roots.

    abstract::This study describes the successive stages of development of branches from axillary buds in fully rooted plants of Trifolium repens grown in near optimal conditions, and the way in which this developmental pathway differs when nodal root formation is prevented as plants grow out from a rooted base. Cuttings of a singl...

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  • On the mechanisms of nectar secretion: revisited.

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  • Carbon dioxide enrichment does not reduce leaf longevity or alter accumulation of carbon reserves in the woodland spring ephemeral Erythronium americanum.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Woodland spring ephemerals exhibit a relatively short epigeous growth period prior to canopy closure. However, it has been suggested that leaf senescence is induced by a reduction in the carbohydrate sink demand, rather than by changes in light availability. To ascertain whether a potentially higher...

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  • Inter- and intraspecific hypervariability in interstitial telomeric-like repeats (TTTAGGG)n in Anacyclus (Asteraceae).

    abstract:Background and Aims:Interstitial telomeric repeat (ITR) sites, consisting of tandem repeats of telomeric motifs localized at intrachromosomal sites, have been reported in a few unrelated organisms including plants. However, the causes for the occurrence of ITRs outside of the chromosomal termini are not fully understoo...

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  • Corolla morphology influences diversification rates in bifid toadflaxes (Linaria sect. Versicolores).

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:The role of flower specialization in plant speciation and evolution remains controversial. In this study the evolution of flower traits restricting access to pollinators was analysed in the bifid toadflaxes (Linaria sect. Versicolores), a monophyletic group of ~30 species and subspecies with highly ...

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  • Novel Miscanthus genotypes selected for different drought tolerance phenotypes show enhanced tolerance across combinations of salinity and drought treatments.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Water deficit and salinity stresses are often experienced by plants concurrently; however, knowledge is limited about the effects of combined salinity and water deficit stress in plants, and especially in C4 bioenergy crops. Here we aim to understand how diverse drought tolerance traits may deliver ...

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  • Towards an eco-evolutionary understanding of endemism hotspots and refugia.

    abstract:Background:Refugia are island-like habitats that are linked to long-term environmental stability and, as a result, high endemism. Conservation of refugia and endemism hotspots should be based on a deep ecological and evolutionary understanding of their functioning, which remains limited. Although functional traits can ...

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