Establishment of a pharmacoepidemiological database in Germany: methodological potential, scientific value and practical limitations.


PURPOSE:We present a new population-based pharmacoepidemiological (PE) database obtained from statutory health insurances (SHIs) that is able to generate signals, to monitor prescribed drugs and to describe drug utilisation. We discuss methodological features of the database and we assess to which degree this database reflects basic demographic characteristics and hospitalisation rates of the general population. METHODS:Files of three SHIs were linked with drug dispensation data from a pharmacies' electronic data processing centre on an individual basis using the unique subject identification number (ID) at a trusted third party centre. Plausibility checks and descriptive analyses were carried out. RESULTS:The database covers 3.6 million SHI-members, provides drug utilisation data and data on hospitalisations. SHI membership is fairly stable over time. Our data indicate marked differences in socio-demographic characteristics between SHIs. Hospital admission rates standardised for age vary between 0.164 and 0.229 per person year, which is in good agreement with official statistics (0.20). The age distribution shows good agreement for men and some underrepresentation for women above the age of 60 as compared to the general population. CONCLUSIONS:Confounder information on medical conditions, concomitant medications and socio-demographic variables can be obtained from the database, while the assessment of confounders related to lifestyle requires supplementary data collection. The database allows for a population-based approach and reflects daily practice including off-label use of drugs. Independent recording of exposure and outcome data prevents reporting bias on medication or outcome. Legal conditions that allow continuous updating of the database need to be settled.


Pigeot I,Ahrens W




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  • Personalized benefit-risk assessments combining clinical trial and real-world data provide further insights into which patients may benefit most from therapy: Demonstration for a new oral antiplatelet therapy.

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    abstract::The following article from Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, “Epidemiological evaluation of intraoperative antibiosis as a protective agent against endophthalmitis after cataract surgery” by F. Krummenauer, S. Kurz and H.B. Dick, published online on July 11 2006 inWiley Online Library (, has...

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  • How (not) to inform patients about drug use: use and effects of negations in Dutch patient information leaflets.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Under EU regulations, patient information leaflets (PILs) are required to be clear and understandable. Negations (e.g., not, no) are a linguistic aspect that may impact PIL comprehension, yet go unmentioned in these regulations. We conducted two studies to determine (1) how negations are used in Dutch PILs (stu...

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