Practising virtue: a challenge to the view that a virtue centred approach to ethics lacks practical content.


:A virtue centred approach to ethics has been criticized for being vague owing to the nature of its central concept, the paradigm person. From the perspective of the practitioner the most damaging charge is that virtue ethics fails to be action guiding and, in addition to this, it does not offer any means of act appraisal. These criticisms leave virtue ethics in a weak position vis-à-vis traditional approaches to ethics. The criticism is, however, challenged by Hursthouse in her analysis of the accounts of right action offered by deontology, utilitarianism and virtue ethics. It is possible to defend the action guiding nature of virtue ethics: there are virtue rules and exemplars to guide action. Insights from Aristotle's practical approach to ethics are considered alongside Hursthouse's analysis and it is suggested that virtue ethics is also capable of facilitating action appraisal. It is at the same time acknowledged that approaches to virtue ethics vary widely and that the challenges offered here would be rejected by those who embrace a radical replacement virtue approach.


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Nursing ethics


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  • Ethical moments in practice: the nursing 'how are you?' revisited.

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  • Human dignity in paediatrics: the effects of health care.

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  • 'What is professional ethics?'.

    abstract::The very term 'professional ethics' is puzzling with respect to what both 'professional' and 'ethics' might mean. I argue (1) that professionalism is ambiguous as to whether or not it is implicitly committed to ethical practice; (2) that to be 'professionally' ethical is at best ambiguous, if not in fact bizarre; and ...

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  • Ethical issues in paediatric nontherapeutic pain research.

    abstract::The purpose of this article is to describe the main ethical issues in paediatric nontherapeutic qualitative pain research. It is based on an analysis of the research literature related to ethical issues in research and on experiences from a family interview study focusing on pain assessment and management in children ...

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  • Nurses' attitudes towards euthanasia in conflict with professional ethical guidelines.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite the significant role of nurses in end-of-life care, their attitudes towards euthanasia are under-represented both in the current literature and the controversial debate that is ongoing in several countries. RESEARCH QUESTIONS:What are the attitudes towards euthanasia among Finnish nurses? Which char...

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  • Ethical conflicts and their characteristics among critical care nurses.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Ethical conflict is a phenomenon that has been under study over the last three decades, especially the types moral dilemma and moral distress in the field of nursing care. However, ethical problems and their idiosyncrasies need to be further explored. AIM:The objectives of this study were, first, to obtai...

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  • When is patient education unethical?

    abstract::Although patient education is central to the ethical practice of nursing, it can be practiced in an ethically contested or unethical way. It is sometimes used to: forward a societal goal the individual might not have chosen; assume that patients should learn to accommodate unjust treatment; exclude the views of all ex...

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  • Ethical challenges for school nurses in documenting schoolchildren's health.

    abstract::This study explored Swedish school nurses' experiences of school health record documentation. Fifty per cent of a representative sample of Swedish school nurses (n = 129) reported difficulties with documenting mental and social health problems in family relationships, schoolchildren's behaviour, and school situations....

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  • Hermeneutic caring conversations in forensic psychiatric caring.

    abstract:BACKGROUND::In forensic psychiatric care, a hermeneutic caring conversation between caregivers and patients can improve health outcomes. The hermeneutic approach entails starting from the whole and involves openness for what is shown as well as paying attention to the different parts. One way to deepen these conversati...

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  • Ethical sensitivity, burnout, and job satisfaction in emergency nurses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Rising levels of burnout and decreasing job satisfaction can inhibit healthcare professionals from providing high-quality care due to a corresponding decrease in their ethical sensitivity. AIM:This study aimed to determine the relationship between the level of ethical sensitivity in emergency service nurses...

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  • 'Healthy viewing?': experiencing life and death through a voyeuristic gaze.

    abstract::Recent times have witnessed a groundswell in the number of British television programmes that deal with the 'real life' experiences of people in various health care settings. Such programmes tend to focus upon the two interrelated strands of the experience of those who deliver professional care and those who are at th...

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  • Cultural safety and the socioethical nurse.

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  • Ethical challenges in home-based care: A systematic literature review.

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  • Moral dilemmas of nursing in end-of-life care in Hungary: a personal perspective.

    abstract::The authors' aim is to bring to the attention of readers the inadequacies of care for people in Hungary who are terminally ill. They believe that both objective and subjective factors cause these inadequacies. Most of these factors arise from moral dilemmas that could be eased or even solved if ethics education had a ...

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  • Sexuality among institutionalized elderly patients with dementia.

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  • Moral dilemmas involving anthropological and ethical dimensions in healthcare curriculum.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Currently a variety of novel scenarios have appeared within nursing practice such as confidentiality of a patient victim of abuse, justice in insolvent patients, poorly informed consent delivery, non-satisfactory medicine outputs, or the possibility to reject a recommended treatment. These scenarios presuppo...

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  • Professional self-concept and professional values of senior students of the nursing department.

    abstract:AIM:This study was carried out in order to determine professional self-concept and professional values in the students, who were studying in the final year of the nursing department in schools providing undergraduate education in the Inner Anatolia Region. METHOD:This cross-sectional study was conducted on a total of ...

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