Distribution of locoweed toxin swainsonine in populations of Oxytropis lambertii.


:Oxytropis lambertii has been considered to be one of the major locoweeds responsible for livestock poisoning on rangelands, but there has been much confusion as to its taxonomic identity. The objective of this study was to conduct a field survey of several populations of each of the three varieties [var. lambertii Pursh; var higelovii A. Gray; var. articulata (E. Greene) Barneby] to document the presence or absence of the locoweed toxin, swainsonine. Swainsonine was found at detectable levels (>0.001% dry weight) in only five populations of var. higelovii in the southwest portion of its distribution in southern Utah, Arizona, and southwestern New Mexico, USA. No swainsonine was detected in populations in the northeast areas of its distribution (eastern Utah, Colorado, northeastern New Mexico, USA). The other varieties, articulata and lambertii, also did not contain swainsonine. It is suspected that a plant fungal endophyte may be responsible for the high variability in swainsonine content in populations of O. lambertii.


J Chem Ecol


Ralphs MH,Welsh SL,Gardner DR





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2002-04-01 00:00:00












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