Social marketing interventions to promote physical activity among 60 years and older: a systematic review of the literature.


BACKGROUND:Falls are a significant source of morbidity in people aged 65 and over, affecting one in three people in this age group. The scientific evidence indicates that physical activity is the most effective method for preventing falls among seniors. Although public health professionals often use social marketing to design and plan successful interventions, its use to promote physical activity and prevent falls among older people remains low. This article aims to provide a new systematic literature review of social marketing interventions promoting physical activity and targeting people aged 60 and over. METHODS:Following CRD's guidance and PRISMA guidelines, we searched between January 2008 and July 2019 for relevant articles in five primary databases using predefined search and inclusion criteria. Two independent reviewers analysed the selected articles to identify evidence of the seven social marketing benchmark criteria, defined by experts in the field as the common elements that contribute to social marketing success. RESULTS:The final review included nine studies. Of the studies selected, three specifically targeted over 60-year-olds, whereas the others segmented the population into several age-based subcategories, including over 60-year-olds. Eight studies highlighted positive results for the participants with an increase in participation or an increase in physical activity level. None of the nine studies selected for this systematic review implemented the entire social marketing approach. CONCLUSION:Few published interventions use the seven social marketing criteria. Further research is required to encourage uptake and inclusion in successful social marketing interventions to increase program effectiveness in this target population.


BMC Public Health


BMC public health


Goethals L,Barth N,Hupin D,Mulvey MS,Roche F,Gallopel-Morvan K,Bongue B




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  • Invasively-treated incidence of lower extremity peripheral arterial disease and associated factors in Taiwan: 2000-2011 nationwide hospitalized data analysis.

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  • Vitamin D status among patients visiting a tertiary care center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: a retrospective review of 3475 cases.

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  • All-cause mortality in the Aberdeen 1921 birth cohort: effects of socio-demographic, physical and cognitive factors.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Childhood intelligence predicts mortality throughout most of the life span. However, it is unknown whether its effect persists into advanced old age. METHODS:The Aberdeen Birth Cohort born in 1921 (n = 354) and that had an IQ test as part of the national Scottish Mental Survey of 1932 were seen in 1997 at a...

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  • Magnitude and risk factors of non-communicable diseases among people living with HIV in Tanzania: a cross sectional study from Mbeya and Dar es Salaam regions.

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  • A qualitative study exploring factors associated with mothers' decisions to formula-feed their infants in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

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  • Retirement and mental health: dose social participation mitigate the association? A fixed-effects longitudinal analysis.

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  • The burden of road traffic accidents in a French Departement: the description of the injuries and recent changes.

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  • Ear diseases among secondary school students in Xi'an, China: the role of portable audio device use, insomnia and academic stress.

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  • Preventing weight gain: the baseline weight related behaviors and delivery of a randomized controlled intervention in community based women.

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  • A qualitative investigation into knowledge, beliefs, and practices surrounding mastitis in sub-Saharan Africa: what implications for vertical transmission of HIV?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Mastitis constitutes an important risk factor in HIV vertical transmission. Very little, however, is known on how women in sub-Saharan Africa conceptualise health problems related to breastfeeding, such as mastitis, and how they act when sick. We aimed at filling this gap in knowledge, by documenting the ind...

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  • Potentially preventable premature deaths in women and men from the two leading causes of death in Austria, mortality statistics of the nine federal states 2010-2012.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In Austria, mortality from diseases of the circulatory system and malignant neoplasms is high and varies among the federal states. Lower mortality in some states indicates a preventive potential in those states with higher mortality. METHODS:We computed the number of premature deaths, for women and men sepa...

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  • Prevalence of short stature, underweight, overweight, and obesity among school children in Jordan.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The prevalence of short stature (SS) and underweight in Jordan on a national level is unknown. This study aimed to investigate, on a national level, the prevalence of short stature (SS), underweight, overweight, and obesity among school aged children in Jordan. METHODS:This cross-sectional study was conduct...

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  • Effect of WeChat consultation group on residents staying at home in Sichuan and Chongqing regions during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in China: a cross-sectional study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:After the outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei, in 2019, the disease rapidly spread to other parts of China as well as outside of China. Since the pandemic outbreak, the general public has been responsive to the national call to stay at home in quarantine. However, since doubts and anxiety related to the ...

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  • Associations between the neighbourhood food environment, neighbourhood socioeconomic status, and diet quality: An observational study.

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  • Public health implications of changing patterns of recruitment into the South African mining industry, 1973-2012: a database analysis.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lymphatic Filariasis (LF), a parasitic nematode infection, poses a huge economic burden to affected countries. LF endemicity is localized and its prevalence is spatially heterogeneous. In Ghana, there exists differences in LF prevalence and multiplicity of symptoms in the country's northern and southern part...

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  • Economics of chronic diseases protocol: cost-effectiveness modelling and the future burden of non-communicable disease in Europe.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The majority of chronic disease is caused by risk factors which are mostly preventable. Effective interventions to reduce these risks are known and proven to be applicable to a variety of settings. Chronic disease is generally developed long before the fatal outcome, meaning that a lot of people spend a numb...

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  • The social ecology of water in a Mumbai slum: failures in water quality, quantity, and reliability.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Urban slums in developing countries that are not recognized by the government often lack legal access to municipal water supplies. This results in the creation of insecure "informal" water distribution systems (i.e., community-run or private systems outside of the government's purview) that may increase wate...

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  • A multilevel model of life satisfaction among old people: individual characteristics and neighborhood physical disorder.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Considering the lack of studies that examine built environmental factors associated with life satisfaction among old people in developing countries, particularly those focused on Brazil, the aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of life satisfaction among old adults residents in a Brazilian urban ...

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  • Smokers' beliefs about the tobacco control potential of "a gene for smoking": a focus group study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Several genetic variations associated with nicotine dependence and lung cancer exist. Translating this knowledge into tobacco control policy relies on smokers' perceptions of the implications of the research. This study explored smokers' beliefs about the tobacco control uses for research examining genomics,...

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  • Determinants of adults' intention to vaccinate against pandemic swine flu.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Vaccination is one of the cornerstones of controlling an influenza pandemic. To optimise vaccination rates in the general population, ways of identifying determinants that influence decisions to have or not to have a vaccination need to be understood. Therefore, this study aimed to predict intention to have ...

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  • Cancer mortality in the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territory.

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