Clinical forensics for perioperative nurses.


:Perioperative nurses frequently care for victims and suspected perpetrators of violent crimes. Nurses often are the first health care providers to assess the trauma patient and collect crucial evidence for future legal action. Informational evidence includes observations about patients' behavior and appearance and documentation of their comments. Nurses also must protect the chain of evidence so that evidence can be admissible in court. To function in this role, perioperative nurses must understand the concepts of clinical forensics, which is the application of the principles and practices of forensic science to questions of law in the investigation of violent crime.




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  • Environmental accountability in perioperative settings.

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  • Coronary atherectomy. An alternative to balloon angioplasty.

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  • Patient safety first alert--epinephrine and phenylephrine in surgical settings.

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  • Monitoring bladder temperatures in the OR.

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  • Microbial flora on operating room telephones.

    abstract::Approximately 500,000 surgical site infections (SSIs) occur each year in the United States. The purpose of this study was to determine if the bacteria most frequently involved in SSIs could be found on telephones in the OR. Twenty-six cultures were taken from telephones in 14 ORs and two substerile rooms at a large te...

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  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release. A new approach to carpal tunnel syndrome.

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  • Treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms: the role of endovascular repair.

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  • Ethical issues involved with in vitro fertilization.

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  • Surgical team mapping: implications for staff allocation and coordination.

    abstract::Perioperative team membership consistency is not well researched despite being essential in reducing patient harm. We describe perioperative team membership and staffing across four surgical specialties in an Australian hospital. We analyzed staffing and case data using social network analysis, descriptive statistics,...

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  • Standardization of a surgical site precleansing technique for vascular patients.

    abstract::Surgical site infection (SSI) is a serious complication that can increase hospital costs and length of stay and may be life threatening. The preoperative chlorhexidine shower is widely recommended to decrease SSI risk, although standardized guidelines for this practice and supporting clinical evidence are lacking. Bec...

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  • How perioperative nurses define, attribute causes of, and react to intraoperative nursing errors.

    abstract::Errors in nursing practice pose a continuing threat to patient safety. A descriptive, correlational study was conducted to examine the definitions, circumstances, and perceived causes of intraoperative nursing errors; reactions of perioperative nurses to intraoperative nursing errors; and the relationships among copin...

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  • Ethical dilemmas of do-not-resuscitate orders in surgery.

    abstract::One of the most troublesome ethical dilemmas that perioperative nurses face is do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders for surgical patients. The principles of futility, informed consent, autonomy, and beneficence underpin ethical decision making about DNR orders in surgical patients. ...

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  • Professional and Regulatory Infection Control Guidelines: Collaboration to Promote Patient Safety.

    abstract::Professional organizations and regulatory agencies collaborate on infection prevention and control guidelines to support preventing and controlling infection in the surgical setting. More specifically, regulatory and accrediting agencies, professional associations, and advisory committees create and promote the use of...

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  • Body contouring. Suction-assisted lipolysis and fat transplantation techniques.

    abstract::Suction lipolysis is a technique of blunt aspiration of fat that allows contouring and shaping of fatty distributions in a variety of areas of the body. Sufficient experience with the technique exists so that it may be considered an acceptable and safe procedure in the armamentarium of the plastic and reconstructive s...

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  • Safe handling of chemotherapy in the perioperative setting.

    abstract::Safe handling of chemotherapeutic agents during administration and disposal is critical. Most antineoplastic agents are toxic compounds that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic. Direct contact may cause irritation of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Perioperative personnel should know how to handle hazard...

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    authors: Mellinger E,Skinker L,Sears D,Gardner D,Shult P

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  • Determining patient discharge criteria in an outpatient surgery setting.

    abstract::Discharge of an outpatient surgical patient to home implies that the patient is clinically stable and capable, to some degree, of self-care. Nurses currently have no formal evidence-based clinical criteria to assist them in determining outpatient surgical patients' readiness for discharge to home. Nurses often make di...

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  • Enjoying management. The positive benefits of liking the job.

    abstract::Enjoying one's work is a state of mind that is integrated in the manager's personality. Although some individuals are born with an optimistic perspective on life, others have to develop it. A manager can cultivate an appreciation for the ordinary and learn to use humor as a communication tool and coping technique. Cul...

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  • The USNS Mercy's Southeast Asia humanitarian cruise: the perioperative experience.

    abstract::Many people in Southeast Asia are in desperate need of medical attention, but because of poverty, remoteness, and inadequate medical services, they do not receive this care. Beginning in April 2006, a diverse group of health care professionals from around the world served for five months aboard the USNS Mercy, a 1,000...

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  • Guidelines for evaluating wet packs.

    abstract::These guidelines are not intended to be the final word in establishment of wet pack criteria. They can serve as a starting point in development of criteria and test methodology that are scientifically defensible and practical. The joint efforts of hospital personnel and industry are necessary to continue research of t...

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  • Documenting nursing process in the perioperative setting. Continuity of care, patient evaluation.

    abstract::Using our Perioperative Nursing Process form in addition to intraoperative and PACU flow sheets allows us to document the nursing process in a manner that satisfies the goals for documentation established by our committee. Because we place all forms in the patients' medical records, they are available for review by th...

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  • Barrier materials. Their influence on surgical wound infections.

    abstract::Aseptic technique can best be described as an aggregation of reasonable practices performed in the surgical suite as part of the overall methodology in controlling or minimizing the possibility of infection. The key words in this definition are aggregation and reasonable. The real question is whether the surgical nurs...

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  • Harvesting and implanting allograft bone.

    abstract::Allograft bone (i.e., bone that is obtained from a donor) implantation is used for bone replacement and for reconstructing serious bone defects during total joint revision surgery. It is also used for bone replacement after large excisions of bone tumors. An extensive variety of laboratory tests must be completed, app...

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    authors: Carter G

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  • Medialization thyroplasty for unilateral vocal cord paralysis.

    abstract::Unilateral vocal cord paralysis causes disturbances with vocal function and swallowing, to include aspiration. Thyroplasty type I has become one of the preferred surgical treatments for unilateral vocal cord paralysis. It is tolerated better by the patient, improves predictability of surgical results, and provides goo...

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    authors: Herman C

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  • Understanding Value as a Key Concept in Sustaining the Perioperative Nursing Workforce.

    abstract::Perioperative nursing is faced with a staffing crisis attributed in part to minimal numbers of newly graduated nurses choosing a career in this specialty. This article analyzes and applies the concept of value to explore how to maintain an adequate perioperative nursing workforce; recruit newly graduated nurses; and e...

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  • Excellence in perioperative management: establishing a culture of safety.

    abstract::TeamSTEPPS is a powerful, evidence-based tool available to perioperative leaders to promote patient safety. The program improves communication and develops highly effective teams that optimize the use of information, people, and resources; resolve conflicts; improve information sharing; eliminate barriers to quality a...

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  • Intraoperative use of autologous platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma for orthopedic surgery patients.

    abstract::As use of autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-poor plasma (PPP) increases for intraoperative care of a variety of patients, it is important for perioperative nurses to recognize their benefits. Autologous PRP may decrease postoperative drainage, reduce narcotic requirements, and facilitate an early retu...

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  • Technology in the OR: AORN Members' Perceptions of the Effects on Workflow Efficiency and Quality Patient Care.

    abstract::This collaborative study sought to describe technology used by AORN members at work, inclusive of radio-frequency identification or barcode scanning (RFID), data collection tools (DATA), workflow or dashboard management tools (DASHBOARD), and environmental services/room decontamination technologies (ENVIRON), and to i...

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    authors: Sipes C,Baker JD

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  • Patient safety: break the silence.

    abstract::A culture of patient safety requires commitment and full participation from all staff members. In 2008, results of a culture of patient safety survey conducted in the perioperative division of the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania revealed a lack of patient-centered focus, teamwork, and positive communicati...

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  • Pain management--continuum of care for surgical patients.

    abstract::A pain management process improvement team was created to develop a unified and consistent way to address pain management for surgical patients. Team members evaluated patient satisfaction ratings, patient and family member education, use of specific pain scales, patient comfort function goals, staff member education,...

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