A theoretical model for transdermal drug delivery from emulsions and its dependence upon formulation.


:This article presents a theoretical model of transdermal drug delivery from an emulsion-type vehicle that addresses the vehicle heterogeneity and incorporates the prediction of drug transport parameters as function of the vehicle composition. The basic mass transfer model considers interfacial and diffusion resistances within the emulsion and partition/diffusion phenomena across two skin compartments in series. Drug transport parameters are predicted as follows: partition coefficients are derived from regular solutions theory, drug diffusivity in the continuous phase is computed from a free volume theory with segmental motion, and permeability of the surfactant layer around droplets is estimated based on a free surface area model. These relationships are incorporated within the basic mass transfer model, so that the overall model is able to predict temporal profiles of drug release from the vehicle and of drug concentration in plasma, as a function of vehicle composition. In this way, the proposed model provides a sound physicochemical basis to support the development of new formulations and the planning of experiments. A simulated case study regarding a nitroglycerin ointment is presented in detail, illustrating how thermodynamic and kinetic factors inherent to the emulsion vehicle can modulate drug release and subsequent systemic absorption.


J Pharm Sci


Bernardo FP,Saraiva PM




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2008-09-01 00:00:00














  • Monitoring the purity of pharmaceutical heparin preparations by high-field 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

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  • Development and optimization of self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system with enhanced bioavailability by Box-Behnken design and desirability function.

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  • Contribution of Human Liver and Intestinal Carboxylesterases to the Hydrolysis of Selexipag In Vitro.

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  • Preclinical pharmacokinetic evaluation of resveratrol trimethyl ether in sprague-dawley rats: the impacts of aqueous solubility, dose escalation, food and repeated dosing on oral bioavailability.

    abstract::Resveratrol trimethyl ether (trans-3,5,4'-trimethoxystilbene, RTE) is a naturally occurring and pharmacologically active resveratrol derivative. To evaluate its suitability as a drug candidate, a pharmacokinetic study was carried out in Sprague-Dawley rats with the emphasis to identify the impact of aqueous solubility...

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    abstract::Various complex mechanisms and their multifactorial pathways decisively provoke low-grade local and systemic inflammation in β-cells of pancreatic islets and peripheral tissues to induce β-cells' dysfunction and apoptosis, insulin resistance, and ultimately, overt type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Conventional antidiab...

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  • Stable isotopic analysis of porcine, bovine, and ovine heparins.

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  • Determination of (+)- and (-)-nilvadipine in human plasma using chiral stationary-phase liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, and a preliminary pharmacokinetic study in humans.

    abstract::A stereoselective and sensitive method for the determination of nilvadipine, a new dihydropyridine calcium antagonist, in human plasma was developed. An internal standard, the deuterated analogue of racemic nilvadipine, was added to the plasma and extracted with an n-hexane:ethyl acetate (92.5:7.5) mixture under alkal...

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  • Preparation and analysis of deuterium-labeled aspirin: application to pharmacokinetic studies.

    abstract::Inhibition of endogenous prostacyclin and thromboxane biosynthesis by aspirin is critically dose-dependent in humans. Gastrointestinal and hepatic hydrolysis may limit systemic availability of aspirin, especially in low doses, perhaps contributing to the biochemical selectivity of aspirin. Existing analytical methods ...

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    abstract::The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of divalent metal ions (Ca, Mg(2+) , and Zn(2+) ) on the stability of oxytocin in aspartate buffer (pH 4.5) and to determine their interaction with the peptide in aqueous solution. Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and high-performance size-exclus...

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  • Overall monotropic behavior of a metastable phase of biclotymol, 2,2'-methylenebis(4-chloro-3-methyl-isopropylphenol), inferred from experimental and topological construction of the related P-T state diagram.

    abstract::The melt from the usual monoclinic phase (Phase I) of biclotymol (T(fusI) = 400.5 +/- 1.0 K, Delta(fus)H(I) = 36.6 +/- 0.9 kJ mol(-1)) recrystallizes into another phase, Phase II, that melts at T(fusII) = 373.8 +/- 0.2 K (Delta(fus)H(II) = 28.8 +/- 1.0 kJ mol(-1)). The transformation of Phase II into Phase I is found ...

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  • Modified cellulose II powder: preparation, characterization, and tableting properties.

    abstract::The reaction of UICEL-A/102, a cellulose II powder recently prepared from Avicel(R) PH-102 by treatment with an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, with glutaraldehyde in 0.01 N HCl has been investigated to improve its binder properties, without adversely affecting the rapid disintegration characteristic. The results s...

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  • Differentiation of organ availability by sequential and simultaneous analyses: intestinal conjugative metabolism impacts on intestinal availability in humans.

    abstract::The impact of intestinal conjugative metabolism on oral bioavailability was assessed by sequential and simultaneous analyses of the reported data in humans. The data were retrieved from reports on drugs that are metabolized by sulfate conjugation, and the organ availabilities affecting oral bioavailability were differ...

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  • Lyotropic liquid crystals and the structural lipids of the stratum corneum.

    abstract::Lipids were extracted from human stratum corneum and the remaining corneocytes were reaggregated with different lyotropic liquid crystals. Water transport through the reaggregated stratum corneum was determined using a diffusion chamber according to Smith and Blank. The permeability constant for the reaggregated strat...

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