Integrating racially and ethnically diverse communities into planning for disasters: the California experience.


OBJECTIVES:Racially/ethnically diverse communities suffer a disproportionate burden of adverse outcomes before, during and after a disaster. Using California as a locus of study, we sought to identify challenges and barriers to meeting the preparedness needs of these communities and highlight promising strategies, gaps in programs, and future priorities. METHODS:We conducted a literature review, environmental scan of organizational Web sites providing preparedness materials for diverse communities, and key informant interviews with public health and emergency management professionals. RESULTS:We identified individual-level barriers to preparing diverse communities such as socioeconomic status, trust, culture, and language, as well as institutional-level barriers faced by organizations such as inadequate support for culturally/linguistically appropriate initiatives. Current programs to address these barriers include language assistance services, community engagement strategies, cross-sector collaboration, and community assessments. Enhancing public-private partnerships, increasing flexibility in allocating funds and improving organizational capacity for diversity initiatives were all identified as additional areas of programmatic need. CONCLUSIONS:Our study suggests at least four intervention priorities for California and across the United States: engaging diverse communities in all aspects of emergency planning, implementation, and evaluation; mitigating fear and stigma; building organizational cultural competence; and enhancing coordination of information and resources. In addition, this study provides a methodological model for other states seeking to assess their capacity to integrate diverse communities into preparedness planning and response.


Andrulis DP,Siddiqui NJ,Purtle JP




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  • Working with interpreters during international health responses.

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Chemical-biological-radio-nuclear (CBRN) gas masks are the standard means for protecting the general population from inhalation of toxic industrial compounds (TICs), for example after industrial accidents or terrorist attacks. However, such gas masks would not protect patients on home mechanical ventilation,...

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  • Economic Spillovers From Public Investments in Medical Countermeasures: A Case Study of a Burn Debridement Product.

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  • Increased gender-based violence among women internally displaced in Mississippi 2 years post-Hurricane Katrina.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Although different types of gender-based violence (GBV) have been documented in disaster-affected populations, no studies have documented a quantitative increase in rates of GBV among populations living in protracted displacement after a disaster. We aimed to assess the change in rates of GBV after Hurricane...

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  • A Sex Disparity Among Earthquake Victims.

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  • Core Capacities for Public Health Emergencies of International Concern at Ground Crossings: A Case Study from North India.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:International airports, ports, and ground crossings are required to have health units for undertaking public health measures during routine times and specific measures during the time of public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). This study was conducted at a ground crossing of North India to a...

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  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Among Children of Kathmandu 1 Year After the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The 2015 earthquake in Nepal affected the country in terms of economy, and by causing damage and stress reactions. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence and determine individual child- and family-level predictors of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. METHODS:A community-based cross-section...

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  • A Retrospective Analysis of Mortality From 2015 Gorkha Earthquakes of Nepal: Evidence and Future Recommendations.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to explore the mortality pattern due to Gorkha earthquakes in 2015 and review the response and recovery efforts immediately following the earthquakes. METHODS:Data from published reports of the Nepal Police showed over 8000 deaths. These death counts were categorized by gender, ethn...

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  • Emergency response to mass casualty incidents in Lebanon.

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