Long-term follow-up of incontinence and urge complaints after intensive urotherapy in childhood (75 patients followed up for 16.2-21.8 years).


OBJECTIVE:To reassess the incontinence and urge complaints in adults who had undergone inpatient urotherapy during childhood and compare the results with the short-term outcomes. METHODS:From 1987 to 1990, 95 children (13 boys and 82 girls; age 6-17 years) underwent hospitalized urotherapy to treat functional lower urinary tract symptoms. This group was traced and a questionnaire was administered by telephone. The long-term data on incontinence and urge complaints were compared with the results at 6 months after training. RESULTS:Of the 95 patients, 92 were traced, and a cohort of 75 could be analyzed. At long-term follow-up (mean 17.9 years), of the 75 patients, 63 (84%) had a good, 8 (11%) a moderate, and 4 (5%) a poor outcome. At short-term follow-up, 56 of the current 75 patients had had a good outcome, and at long-term follow-up, 47 of these 56 patients still had a good score. However, during the intervening period, 3 of these 56 patients developed incontinence recurrence and scored a poor result, and 6 others scored a moderate result. Originally, after 6 months of follow-up, 7 patients had had a moderate outcome; 5 of these had improved to good, 1 still scored moderate, and 1 had deteriorated over time to poor. Twelve patients had originally had a poor outcome at short-term follow-up. Of these, 11 had spontaneously improved to good and 1 to moderate. CONCLUSION:If the original outcomes of pediatric intensive inpatient urotherapy are good, they tend to remain so over time in most patients.






Vijverberg MA,Stortelder E,de Kort LM,Kok ET,de Jong TP




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  • Pseudotumor of kidney.

    abstract::Hypertrophy of the renal columns of Bertin may present as a mass, at times difficult to distinguish from neoplasia or cyst. Herein, we present a case characterized by the inability of this lesion to absorb 99mTc DTPA (99mTechnetium diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid) isotope on two separate renal studies. ...


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  • Use of ureter of nonfunctioning renal unit in pediatric urinary reconstruction.

    abstract::If following posterior urethral valve fulguration a unilateral nonfunctioning or poorly functioning kidney remains, nephroureterectomy is the customary method of management. The distal ureter of such renal units can serve as a means of salvage for complications resulting from surgery on the ureter serving the remainin...


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