Rapid identification of an antibody DNA construct rearrangement sequence variant by mass spectrometry.


:During cell line development for an IgG1 antibody candidate (mAb1), a C-terminal extension was identified in 2 product candidate clones expressed in CHO-K1 cell line. The extension was initially observed as the presence of anomalous new peaks in these clones after analysis by cation exchange chromatography (CEX-HPLC) and reduced capillary electrophoresis (rCE-SDS). Reduced mass analysis of these CHO-K1 clones revealed that a larger than expected mass was present on a sub-population of the heavy chain species, which could not be explained by any known chemical or post-translational modifications. It was suspected that this additional mass on the heavy chain was due to the presence of an additional amino acid sequence. To identify the suspected additional sequence, de novo sequencing in combination with proteomic searching was performed against translated DNA vectors for the heavy chain and light chain. Peptides unique to the clones containing the extension were identified matching short sequences (corresponding to 9 and 35 amino acids, respectively) from 2 non-coding sections of the light chain vector construct. After investigation, this extension was observed to be due to the re-arrangement of the DNA construct, with the addition of amino acids derived from the light chain vector non-translated sequence to the C-terminus of the heavy chain. This observation showed the power of proteomic mass spectrometric techniques to identify an unexpected antibody sequence variant using de novo sequencing combined with database searching, and allowed for rapid identification of the root cause for new peaks in the cation exchange and rCE-SDS assays.






Scott RA,Rogers R,Balland A,Brady LJ




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  • Aglycosylated antibodies and antibody fragments produced in a scalable in vitro transcription-translation system.

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  • Utility of a human FcRn transgenic mouse model in drug discovery for early assessment and prediction of human pharmacokinetics of monoclonal antibodies.

    abstract::Therapeutic antibodies continue to develop as an emerging drug class, with a need for preclinical tools to better predict in vivo characteristics. Transgenic mice expressing human neonatal Fc receptor (hFcRn) have potential as a preclinical pharmacokinetic (PK) model to project human PK of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)...


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    abstract::Bispecific antibodies can uniquely influence cellular responses, but selecting target combinations for optimal functional activity remains challenging. Here we describe a high-throughput, combinatorial, phenotypic screening approach using a new bispecific antibody target discovery format, allowing screening of hundred...


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  • Galactosylation variations in marketed therapeutic antibodies.

    abstract::There are currently ~25 recombinant full-length IgGs (rIgGs) in the market that have been approved by regulatory agencies as biotherapeutics to treat various human diseases. Most of these are based on IgG1k framework and are either chimeric, humanized or human antibodies manufactured using either Chinese hamster ovary...


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  • The structure of dual-variable-domain immunoglobulin molecules alone and bound to antigen.

    abstract::A dual-specific, tetravalent immunoglobulin G-like molecule, termed dual variable domain immunoglobulin (DVD-Ig™), is engineered to block two targets. Flexibility modulates Fc receptor and complement binding, but could result in undesirable cross-linking of surface antigens and downstream signaling. Understanding the ...


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  • Adsorption behavior of a human monoclonal antibody at hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces.

    abstract::One aspiration for the formulation of human monoclonal antibodies (mAb) is to reach high solution concentrations without compromising stability. Protein surface activity leading to instability is well known, but our understanding of mAb adsorption to the solid-liquid interface in relevant pH and surfactant conditions ...


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