A theoretical study of the inhibition effect of PAMAM molecule on silica scale.


:In this work, the molecular modeling method was performed to study adsorption interaction between PAMAM molecules of different generations and silicic acid molecules, and the inhibition effect on silica scale were discussed. The results show that adsorption energies of PAMAM molecule of generation 1.0 with amine-terminated groups are stronger than those of generation 1.5 with terminated carboxyl group. The composition of adsorption interactions are the dominating electrostatic interactions and van de Waals interactions as well as H-bond interactions. It is qualitatively discussed that the inhibition effect of generation 1.0 on silica scale is stronger than that of generation 1.5 in the neutral solution.


J Mol Model


Chen C,Bai N,Zhang Y,Jiao L,Xia M,Chen G




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2017-01-01 00:00:00














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  • Theoretical study of hydrogen bond interactions of fluvastatin with ι-carrageenan and λ-carrageenan.

    abstract::The binding of the reductase inhibitor drug fluvastatin, hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A, with the hydrophilic ι- or λ-carrageenan polymers, serving as potential controllers of the drug's release rate, have been studied at the density functional level of theory with the B3LYP exchange correlation functional. Three...

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  • Density functional studies on photophysical properties and chemical reactivities of the triarylboranes: effect of the constraint of planarity.

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