Role of the therapist in biofeedback training.


:The therapist in biofeedback training plays the role of a teacher or coach. This role, derived from learning theory and practiced in the classroom and playing field, imposes special constraints upon the psychotherapeutic situation. The therapist must be capable of physiological manipulation in self before attempting to teach this skill to another. The issue of transfer of training and maintenance of therapeutic gain are also discussed.


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  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for the Management of Suicidal Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The management of suicidal crisis remains a major issue for clinicians, driving the development of new strategies to improve suicide prevention. METHODS:We conducted a randomized controlled trial comparing a 7-week acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) versus relaxation group, as adjunct to treatment as u...

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  • Psychosomatic aspects of hyperprolactinemia.

    abstract::A review of some recent studies on the psychosomatic aspects of hyperprolactinemia is presented. Women seem to be more prone to suffer from the behavioral effects of prolactin than males. Women with hyperprolactinemic amenorrhea rated themselves significantly more hostile, more depressed and more anxious than women wi...

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  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy improves polysomnographic and subjective sleep profiles in antidepressant users with sleep complaints.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Many antidepressant medications (ADM) are associated with disruptions in sleep continuity that can compromise medication adherence and impede successful treatment. The present study investigated whether mindfulness meditation (MM) training could improve self-reported and objectively measured polysomnographic...

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  • An exploratory study into the effect of group psychotherapy on cardiovascular and immunoreactivity to acute stress in breast cancer patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:: Previous studies of cancer patients investigated the effect of psychological treatment on basal endocrine and immune values. Using a randomized experiment, we explored the effect of a 13-week experiential-existential group psychotherapy (EEGP) program on the reactivity to a speech task in breast cancer pat...

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  • Family psychiatry in psychosomatics: problems of adolescence.

    abstract::Adolescents are frequently entangled in a web of transitions during their developmental journey from child to adult. These modulations include physiological and psychological changes: individual, familial and social readjustments, and alterations in the evolving family group. Psychosomatic manifestations are often tar...

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  • Graves'disease after the onset of panic disorder.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:It is still unknown whether anxiety disorders observed in Graves' disease are a consequence of increased thyroid hormone levels or precede the onset of Graves' disease. METHODS:Two case reports are described. RESULTS:In 2 patients Graves' disease occurred in the setting of previously established euthyroid ...

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  • Work environment, skills utilization and health of Swedish nurses--results from a national questionnaire study.

    abstract::Nurses make up a considerable proportion of the Swedish health care staff. Few nationally representative studies of their work environment and health, however, have been published. The present questionnaire study on work conditions, skill utilization, health and well-being of a national representative sample of 3,500 ...

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  • Borderlines: problems of self and object separation.

    abstract::The borderline has deficiencies in the capacity to maintain stable self and object representations and in establishing 'emotional separateness' from others. In order to create and maintain a 'propitious treatment situation' and a 'therapeutic alliance' the therapist must work with unusual sensitivity and repetitivenes...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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  • Type A behaviour, attention, and the report of subjective arousal.

    abstract::Previous research has indicated a tendency among type A individuals to report less subjective arousal than type B individuals. Differences in attentional style between type A and type B individuals have been suggested to account for this tendency. The present paper describes a study which employed adult male subjects ...

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  • Further reflections on psychosomatic theory. Alexithymia and interhemispheric specialization.

    abstract::Clinical and laboratory observations of alexithymia suggest that a neurophysiologic hypothesis may be more useful than the traditional psychodynamic explanations for understanding psychosomatic processes. Current data support the concept of a functional disconnection between the two cerebral hemispheres. A mechanism f...

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  • Social support and the persistence of complaints in chronic fatigue syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Several studies suggested that the surroundings of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients are of importance in the persistence of complaints. Contrary to what was expected, participation in support groups has not led to clinical improvement. The purpose of the present study was to describe social support in...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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  • Effects of psychotherapy on DNA strand break accumulation originating from traumatic stress.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Previous research reveals an association between traumatic stress and an increased risk for numerous diseases, including cancer. At the molecular level, stress may increase carcinogenesis via increased DNA damage and impaired DNA repair mechanisms. We assessed DNA breakage in peripheral blood mononuclear cel...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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  • Long-Term Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Routine Outpatient Care: A 5- to 20-Year Follow-Up Study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Long-term follow-ups several years after receiving cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are scarce and most of the existing literature describes follow-up data of randomized-controlled trials. Thus, very little is known about the long-term effects of CBT in routine care. METHODS:We investigated psychological f...

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  • Increase of medical hospital length of stay by depression in stroke and amputation patients: a pilot study.

    abstract::Past studies have found that medical patients with the diagnosis of depression (comorbidity) have longer hospital lengths of stay (LOS) than those without the diagnosis of depression. This suggested that scores on a depression scale would be positively correlated with LOS. On a rehabilitation ward, 14 stroke and 17 am...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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  • Emotional aspects of hyperprolactinemia.

    abstract::Patients with hyperprolactinemia often present with emotional difficulties. These occasionally persist even after successful treatment. Insight into the roots of their diseased state makes a difference in the handling of all cases, but becomes crucial in the not-so-rare situations in which the normalization of hormona...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Sobrinho LG

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  • Brief dynamic psychotherapy for less well-adjusted patients. Pilot study.

    abstract::A twelve-session therapy model ad modum James Mann is described. Selection criteria are outlined. The therapies and systematic follow-up data of 4 well-adjusted and 4 less well-adjusted patients are described and compared. Some modifications of technique for the less well-adjusted patients are proposed. ...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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  • Managing noncompliance in the 'difficult' medical patient: the contributions of insight. A case report.

    abstract::Psychodynamics can interfere with medical compliance, especially in psychologically vulnerable patients. A case is presented of a cancer patient who developed a powerful transference reaction to her oncologist, jeopardizing her treatment for cancer. Strategies for integrating techniques of insight-oriented psychothera...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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  • Biofeedback and behavioral approaches in Japan.

    abstract::A number of studies and case histories involving the use of biofeedback and behavioral approaches throughout Japan have been selected from Japanese journals and summarized. Areas of biofeedback research covered are experimental, clinical and psychological/educational. The behavioral approaches mentioned have been limi...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Ishikawa H,Robinson A

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  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Problems of Medical Health Workers during the COVID-19 Epidemic in China.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We explored whether medical health workers had more psychosocial problems than nonmedical health workers during the COVID-19 outbreak. METHODS:An online survey was run from February 19 to March 6, 2020; a total of 2,182 Chinese subjects participated. Mental health variables were assessed via the Insomnia Sev...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Zhang WR,Wang K,Yin L,Zhao WF,Xue Q,Peng M,Min BQ,Tian Q,Leng HX,Du JL,Chang H,Yang Y,Li W,Shangguan FF,Yan TY,Dong HQ,Han Y,Wang YP,Cosci F,Wang HX

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  • Personality traits in patients with acute low-back pain. A comparison with chronic low-back pain patients.

    abstract::This study investigates the possibilities to identify, within a group of acute low-back pain patients, individuals with psychogenic etiology to pain. 26 acute back pain patients and 25 healthy control subjects were tested with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Hysteria: (Hs), Hypochondria (Hy), Depressio...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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  • Inference-Based Approach versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with Poor Insight: A 24-Session Randomized Controlled Trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with poor insight has severe consequences for patients; nonetheless, no randomized controlled trial has ever been performed to evaluate the effectiveness of any treatment specifically for poor-insight OCD. A new psychotherapy for OCD, the inference-based approach (IBA), tar...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Visser HA,van Megen H,van Oppen P,Eikelenboom M,Hoogendorn AW,Kaarsemaker M,van Balkom AJ

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  • How are women sicker than men? An overview of psychosomatic problems in women.

    abstract::An overview is presented of psychosomatic problems in women - the epidemiology, physiology and psychology. Surveys of sickness rates in women and psychological studies are used as a basis of speculation about higher female morbidity rates. Theories of psychosomatic illness, the somatic concomitants of hysteria and ale...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Apfel RJ

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  • Chronic pelvic pain as a somatoform disorder.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The purpose of this study was to determine whether psychiatric disturbances, particularly somatization, and an increased number of traumatic and critical life events, which have been found in women with idiopathic chronic pelvic pain (ICPP), can also be observed in women with chronic pelvic pain and abdomina...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Ehlert U,Heim C,Hellhammer DH

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  • Combined inpatient and outpatient group psychotherapy: a therapeutic model for psychosomatics.

    abstract::A special strategy of psychotherapeutic approach to psychosomatic patients is described including a 3-month period of inpatient and a 2-year period of outpatient group psychotherapy. Additional therapeutic procedures applied during the time of hospitalization are a special kind of sensitivity training ('sensual awaren...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: von Rad M,Rüppell A

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  • Inpatient versus day clinic treatment for bulimia nervosa: a randomized trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In bulimia nervosa, more intense treatments are recommended if outpatient treatment fails. This is the first randomized controlled trial comparing the options of inpatient versus day clinic treatment. METHOD:Patients with severe bulimia nervosa were randomly assigned to inpatient or day clinic treatment of ...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Zeeck A,Weber S,Sandholz A,Wetzler-Burmeister E,Wirsching M,Hartmann A

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  • Psychological prodromata of myocardial infarction and sudden death.

    abstract::In this prospective study a psychological test (the "Maastricht Questionnaire') was constructed which measures feelings of vital exhaustion and depression. It is shown that those subjects who have elevated scores on this test have more chance to get a new coronary event within a period of 10 months than those who have...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Appels A

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  • Relationship between disturbed eating behavior and other psychosomatic symptoms in adolescents.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There has been relatively little research on subthreshold eating disorders and factors which might promote their transition to eating disorders. METHODS:A sample consisting of 1,944 Swiss adolescents of both sexes, 14-19 years of age, was investigated for eating behavior (EAT-26), psychological (SCL-90-R) a...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Buddeberg-Fischer B,Bernet R,Schmid J,Buddeberg C

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  • Combined brief dynamic therapy and pharmacotherapy in the treatment of major depressive disorder: a pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The relative efficacy of supplemental psychotherapy in the treatment of depression is still a matter of debate. Moreover, the superiority of brief dynamic therapy (BDT) over supportive psychotherapies is not well established. The aim of this study is to compare the efficacy of BDT added to medication with th...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Maina G,Rosso G,Crespi C,Bogetto F

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  • Coping with fear of long-term complications in diabetes mellitus: a model clinical program.

    abstract::Preliminary results are reported on the efficacy of a behaviorally oriented group therapy (n = 17) intended to improve coping with fear of long-term complications in patients with diabetes mellitus. Treatment consisted of exposure in imagination, relaxation training and analysis of dysfunctional health beliefs. Pre-, ...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Zettler A,Duran G,Waadt S,Herschbach P,Strian F

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  • Psychological adaptation to isolator therapy in acute leukaemia.

    abstract::Treatment under conditions of gnotobiotic isolation can augment the stress of adaptation to a diagnosis of leukaemia. Identification of the psychological problems experienced in isolator treatment can contribute to the effective maintenance of therapy. Individual patterns of adjustment to treatment relate to the psych...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Gordon AM

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