'Feel the Feeling': Psychological practitioners' experience of acceptance and commitment therapy well-being training in the workplace.


:This empirical study investigates psychological practitioners' experience of worksite training in acceptance and commitment therapy using an interpretative phenomenological analysis methodology. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight participants, and three themes emerged from the interpretative phenomenological analysis data analysis: influence of previous experiences, self and others and impact and application The significance of the experiential nature of the acceptance and commitment therapy training is explored as well as the dual aspects of developing participants' self-care while also considering their own clinical practice. Consistencies and inconsistencies across acceptance and commitment therapy processes are considered as well as clinical implications, study limitations and future research suggestions.


J Health Psychol


Wardley MNj,Flaxman PE,Willig C,Gillanders D




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2016-08-01 00:00:00














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