Surgical management of atlantoaxial nonunions.


:Sixteen patients referred for atlantoaxial fixation failures were treated surgically with revision procedures during the past decade. Of these 16 patients, atlantoaxial instability occurred because of rheumatoid arthritis in five, as odontoideum in seven, transverse ligament disruption in two, and odontoid fracture nonunion in two. The 16 individuals (10 men, six women; mean age 43.7 years; age range 20-77 years) had undergone a total of 20 C1-2 internal fixation procedures that failed. Surgical strategies for definitive revision of the nonunions in these 16 subjects included 10 rigid internal fixations with transarticular screws, three revised C1-2 fixations with autogenous bone struts and wire or cables, and three extended fixations with occipitocervical instrumentation. Autogenous grafts were used in all revisions. A postoperative halo brace was used in five individuals with osteoporotic bone; all patients wore a restrictive postoperative cervical orthosis. Postoperatively, 15 patients (94%) had a stable construct (mean follow up 35 months; range 12-79 months), which included 13 osseous unions and two stable fibrous unions. One patient had nonunion; he fractured his anterior C1-2 transarticular screws 2 years postoperatively. He had occipital radicular pain without myelopathy but refused further surgery. Atlantoaxial pseudarthroses were effectively treated by addressing the pathological, biomechanical, and technical reasons for failed fusion. Successful fusion after reoperation was improved by using autologous bone grafts, adequately controlling atlantoaxial motion (with rigid transarticular screws internally or externally with a halo vest), compressing the bone grafts between the arches of C-1 and C-2 with wire cables, meticulously preparing the fusion bed, and by optimizing the pharmacological and clinical parameters to promote bone healing.


J Neurosurg


Journal of neurosurgery


Dickman CA,Sonntag VK




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  • Persistent high lactate level as a sensitive MR spectroscopy indicator of completed infarction.

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  • Incidence and causes of perioperative mortality after primary surgery for intracranial tumors: a national, population-based study.

    abstract:OBJECT:Surgical mortality is a frequent outcome measure in studies of volume-outcome relationships, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has endorsed surgical mortality after craniotomies as an Inpatient Quality Indicator. Still, the frequency and causes of 30-day mortality after neurosurgical procedures ...

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  • Surgical considerations regarding giant dilations of the perivascular spaces.

    abstract:OBJECT:Dilations of brain perivascular spaces (PVSs), also known as Virchow-Robin spaces, are routinely identified on magnetic resonance imaging studies of the brain and recognized as benign normal variants. Giant dilations occur only rarely and can be easily misdiagnosed as central nervous system tumors. The relevant ...

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    abstract::A patient is reported with a purely pial arteriovenous malformation (AVM) supplied from the posterior parietal artery. The prominent middle meningeal artery contributed to opacification of the angular branches distal to the AVM, but did not contribute to the AVM. After total removal of the AVM, the angular branches be...

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  • Induction of tolerance against ischemia/reperfusion injury in the rat brain by preconditioning with the endotoxin analog diphosphoryl lipid A.

    abstract:OBJECT:Inflammatory responses and oxygen free radicals have increasingly been implicated in the development of ischemic brain injury. In some cases, an attenuation of inflammation or free-radical injury can provide tissue protection. Diphosphoryl lipid A (DPL) is a detoxified derivative of a lipopolysaccharide (endotox...

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  • Frontoorbital advancement by gradual distraction. Technical note.

    abstract::A substantial number of patients with coronal synostosis who undergo frontoorbital advancement still require additional surgical treatment to correct increased intracranial pressure or unsatisfactory craniofacial structure. However, frontoorbital advancement currently requires elevation of the frontal as well as the o...

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  • The effects of mechanical immobilization on sutural development in the growing rabbit.

    abstract::Methyl-2-cyanoacrylate was used to mechanically immobilize the coronal suture unilaterally in a series of New Zealand white rabbits at varying ages. The animals were separated into groups; some were sacrificed at 30 day and some at 60 days postoperatively. Amalgam markers were placed in the parietal and frontal bones ...

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  • CSF leukotriene C4 following subarachnoid hemorrhage.

    abstract::Leukotrienes derive from arachidonic acid metabolism via the lipoxygenase pathway and modulate several cellular events. In the central nervous system, leukotrienes are mainly synthesized in the gray matter and in vascular tissues. Their production is enhanced in ischemic conditions and in experimental subarachnoid hem...

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