Greek mental health nurses' practices and attitudes in the management of acute cases.


:The aim of this study was to identify nurses' interventions, views, and attitudes concerning critical incidents. Using semi-structured interviews, a descriptive study was conducted among mental health nurses working in three major psychiatric hospitals. Analysis of nurses' audio-recorded data indicated that they had used a number of different interventions under six main categories: counseling, performing security practices, monitoring thinking disturbances, contacting the psychiatrist on-call, contacting the chief nurse on-call, and administering medication. The need for specialized training was noticed and problems like accountability, nurse-patient interactions, and nurse-doctor relationships were considered crucial by the mental health nurses.


Koukia E,Mangoulia P,Stathopoulos T,Madianos M




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  • PTSD in psychiatric nurses and other mental health providers: a review of the literature.

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  • The role of the therapist's critical parent.

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