A wellness framework for pediatric nursing clinical practice.


:This article presents a proposed holistic Framework for Exploring Adolescent Wellness specific to the discipline of nursing. Conceptualized as a practical adolescent wellness assessment tool, the framework attends to the physical, spiritual, psychological and social dimensions of adolescent health. Through the discussion of a reconstructed case study the framework's application to nursing practice is illustrated. Nurses are distinctly positioned to promote adolescent wellness. This approach facilitates the exploration of the multiple influences on the health of adolescents, across a variety of clinical practice specialties and settings, by nurses of varying experiences.


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Spurr S,Bally J,Ogenchuk M,Peternelj-Taylor C




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  • Curiosity as holistic engagement: experiences of hospitalized patients as research participants.

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  • Sanguis draconis (Daemonorops draco): a case report of treating a chronic pressure ulcer with tunneling.

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  • The meaning of time in oldest-old age.

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  • The influence of a baccalaureate program on traditional, RN-BSN, and accelerated students' critical thinking abilities.

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  • Nursing Support of the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults Living With Dementia: A Narrative Literature Review.

    abstract::Across this literature review (n = 10), supporting spirituality in the nursing care of older adults with dementia is concerned with supporting religious activity, enabling connections, nurses' reflections on their own spirituality, and nonverbal communication. The benefits from the support of spirituality were seen to...

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  • A concept analysis of otherness.

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  • Serenity in political uncertainty.

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  • Spiritual nursing care: state of the art.

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