Preterm birth prevention: a mandate for psychosocial assessment.


:Reviews panels on the prevention of preterm birth (PTB) conducted by the Office of the Surgeon General and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development made numerous novel recommendations for research on the assessment of risk factors for PTB and the development of personalized, specific interventions for the prevention of PTB. This paper discusses the particularly significant roles for nurses in assessment and intervention based on their education in pregnancy and in multiple health-related disciplines. General differences and specific anxiety assessment are presented based on the goals of research. An emphasis is placed on assessment of pregnancy-specific anxiety, and assessment and intervention methods that include the father/partner and couple using family system methodologies. The risks occurring with differences in partner intentions for pregnancy are discussed, and especially the benefits of male partner involvement and support. It is noted that interventions may need to be varied based on differences in gender, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic status. Differences in individual or group intervention psychotherapy approaches are considered. The special risks and needs of pregnant military couples, especially those with deployed partners are presented. Variations in anxiety are discussed in terms of implications for maternal/paternal fetal and child attachment from birth to adulthood. Discussion includes the considerable and varied parenting and financial strains that continue long after birth, with significant impact for parent-child mental and physical health, and the need for development of long-term interventions that include parental coping strategies and parental empowerment.


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  • Patients', Family Members', and Professional Carers' Experiences of Psychoeducational Multifamily Groups for Participants with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness.

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  • Violent encounters in psychiatric care: a phenomenological study of embodied caring knowledge.

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  • Rural adolescents' coping responses: implications for behavioral health nurses.

    abstract::The purpose of this paper is to identify coping responses of rural adolescents. The sample included 193 students attending three high schools in southwestern Pennsylvania. Family and peer relationships were the most common stressful situations described by the adolescents. Coping responses were measured by the Coping ...

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  • African American males diagnosed with schizophrenia: a phenomenological study.

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  • Developing psychodynamic group treatment methods for aggressive male inpatients.

    abstract::Group psychotherapy is one intervention that can be used for aggressive male inpatients. This paper reports relevant literature and clinical applications for conducting a psychodynamic psychotherapy group designed to help patients (a) identify, understand, and deal with underlying problems resulting in aggressive beha...

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  • Talking theory, talking therapy: Emmy Gut and John Bowlby.

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  • Being a Parent to a Young Adult with Mental Illness in Transition to Adulthood.

    abstract::Parents of young adults with mental illness may face a continued demand for support, even though their children have reached the age of majority. The aim of this study was to explore relatives' experiences of parenting a young adult with mental illness in transition to adulthood. Individual interviews were conducted a...

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  • Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) and Gaming Disorder among Chinese University Students: Impulsivity and Game Time as Mediators.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Research into the fear of missing out (FoMO) has greatly increased in recent years. Given the negative consequences of gaming disorder (GD) among a small minority of individuals, there is an increasing need for research examining the impact of FoMO on GD. However, little is known about the roles of ...

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  • Stress and coping among cardiovascular nurses: a survey in Brazil.

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  • Conventionalized knowledge: mental health nurses producing clinical knowledge at intershift handovers.

    abstract::Mental health nurses routinely hand over clinical knowledge at intershift reports. In the present study, field descriptions from prolonged fieldwork and transcripts of audio recordings of handovers were analysed discursively drawing on ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. The analysis identified linguistic and ...

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  • Cross-cultural validation of a smoking abstinence self-efficacy scale in Korean American men.

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  • Women's experiences of victimizing sexualization, Part I: Responses related to abuse and home and family environment.

    abstract::Qualitative, interpretive research was conducted with ten adult women who felt that their experiences of learning about themselves as female and sexual had been harmful. The term "victimizing sexualization" was developed to identify this experience, and a thematic description of these women's experiences was derived. ...

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  • Domestic violence in the Arab American population: transforming environmental conditions through community education.

    abstract::The purpose of this research was to assess and provide community interventions for victims of domestic violence in the Arab American immigrant population in a large midwestern city of the United States. The theoretical framework of critical social theory provided the context for the research. A survey tool for assessi...

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  • Caregiver mental health and family health outcomes following critical hospitalization of a child.

    abstract::Changes in caregiver and family health and in family health behavior patterns were examined 9 weeks after the hospitalization of a child for an acute, first-time illness in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Family and caregiver health included reports of physical, mental, role, and social functioning as well as ...

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