Trends of breast cancer incidence and risk factor prevalence over 25 years.


INTRODUCTION:To examine the trends in the prevalence of breast cancer risk factors in relation to breast cancer incidence trends and to explore whether the changes in risk factors differed by ethnicity in Hawaii over a 25-year period. METHODS:We pooled 17 population-based epidemiological studies conducted in Hawaii between 1975 and 2001. The study population of 82,295 women included subjects of Caucasian, Japanese, Native Hawaiian, Chinese, and Filipino ancestry. We computed age-adjusted prevalence estimates by ethnic group for 5-year time periods. Logistic regression was used to evaluate trends over time. RESULTS:The prevalence of an early age at menarche, nulliparity, and parity of fewer than three children, but not that of a late age at first live birth, increased during the study period. Whereas current smoking decreased for all ethnicities over time, the age-adjusted prevalence of overweight, obesity, college education, and alcohol use increased. Trends differed by ethnicity. For Native Hawaiians, the prevalence of overweight, obesity, alcohol use and nulliparity rose over time. For Japanese, the prevalence of overweight, early age at menarche, and having fewer than three children increased. Caucasians showed an increasing prevalence of overweight, obesity, college education, and nulliparity. In Filipina women, we observed changes in reproductive behavior and increasing obesity. CONCLUSIONS:Despite a slowing trend for some breast cancer risk factors, the overall risk profile in this population may lead to further increases in breast cancer incidence. Different ethnic groups may benefit from specific prevention strategies.


Maskarinec G,Zhang Y,Takata Y,Pagano I,Shumay DM,Goodman MT,Le Marchand L,Nomura AM,Wilkens LR,Kolonel LN




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  • Expression of pp32 gene family members in breast cancer.

    abstract::The pp32 gene family consists of at least three closely related members, pp32, pp32r1 and pp32r2. In spite of a high degree of identity at the nucleotide level, pp32 functionally behaves as a tumor suppressor where as pp32r1 and pp32r2 are pro-oncogenic. The purpose of this pilot study was to determine pp32-related ex...

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  • Data mining with decision trees for diagnosis of breast tumor in medical ultrasonic images.

    abstract::To increase the ability of ultrasonographic (US) technology for the differential diagnosis of solid breast tumors, we describe a novel computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) system using data mining with decision tree for classification of breast tumor to increase the levels of diagnostic confidence and to provide the immedi...

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  • Estradiol enhances osteolytic lesions in mice inoculated with human estrogen receptor-negative MDA-231 breast cancer cells in vivo.

    abstract::The effect of 17-beta-estradiol (E2) on the induction of osteolytic lesions by estrogen receptor (ER)-negative breast cancer cells was investigated in 4-week-old female nude mice. Exposure to exogenous E2 was found to increase osteolytic areas on radiographs up to 5.3 times in mice inoculated intracardially with MDA-2...

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  • Exploratory biomarker analysis from a phase II clinical trial of eribulin plus gemcitabine versus paclitaxel plus gemcitabine for HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer patients (KCSG BR13-11).

    abstract:PURPOSE:We conducted an exploratory biomarker study from a phase II clinical trial of eribulin plus gemcitabine (EG) versus paclitaxel plus gemcitabine (PG) in HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer (BC) patients. METHODS:We performed targeted deep sequencing with a customized cancer gene panel and RNA expression assa...

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    authors: Kim JY,Lee E,Park K,Im SA,Sohn J,Lee KS,Chae YS,Kim JH,Kim TY,Jung KH,Park YH,Breast Cancer Committee of the Korean Cancer Study Group.

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  • Circulating CA 15-3 levels in the postsurgical follow-up of breast cancer patients and in non-malignant diseases.

    abstract::Circulating CA 15-3 antigen levels were evaluated in patients with benign diseases and breast cancer patients with no clinical evidence of disease after surgery (NED). Patients with breast cancer NED were followed for tumor recurrence or death during a median of 12.9 months (range 1 to 25 months). CA 15-3 and carcinoe...

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  • Detection of multicentric and contralateral breast cancers on MRI based on primary cancer biomarker status: will this change surgical or medical management?

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    abstract::Bone lesions as a consequence of bone metastases in breast cancer patients can increase risk for skeletal-related events (SREs) (i.e., radiation to the bone, a pathological or osteoporotic fracture event, hypercalcemia, spinal cord compression, or surgery to the bone). The mortality risk for breast cancer patients wit...

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