Skeletal manifestations of rickets in infants and young children in a historic population from England.


:Gross and radiographic changes characteristic of inadequate bone mineralization due to rickets are described in 21 immature skeletons from a 19th century urban population from Birmingham, England. The aims of the study are as follows: to evaluate and if possible augment existing dry-bone criteria for the recognition of rickets in immature skeletal remains; to investigate the value of radiography for the paleopathological diagnosis of rickets; and to compare and contrast the expression of rickets in this group with that previously documented for a rural agrarian population from Wharram Percy, England. Some gross skeletal signs of rickets which were not previously well-documented in paleopathological studies are noted. The worth of radiography for evaluating structural changes to both cortical and trabecular bone in the disease is demonstrated, and features useful for the interpretation of vitamin D deficiency are discussed. The pattern of skeletal elements affected and the severity of changes differs in the Birmingham group from that seen in the comparative rural population. It is emphasized that a variety of factors may influence the expression of rickets in paleopathological material, including rate of skeletal growth, age cohort affected, and intensity of vitamin D deficiency. Nevertheless, careful analysis, not only of the frequency of rickets but also of the degree of severity of lesions and the patterning with respect to skeletal elements affected, may enable more nuanced understanding of the biocultural context of the disease in earlier populations.


Am J Phys Anthropol


Mays S,Brickley M,Ives R




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  • Brief communication: earliest cranial surgery in North America.

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  • Brain endocast asymmetry in pongids and hominids: some preliminary findings on the paleontology of cerebral dominance.

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  • Population history of native groups in pre- and postcontact Spanish Florida: aggregation, gene flow, and genetic drift on the Southeastern U.S. Atlantic coast.

    abstract::Evolutionary trends and population history and structure are discussed for a series of late prehistoric and historic-period skeletal samples from the Georgia coast and interior (the Guale). Phenotypic dental measurement data were collected for nine samples from the late prehistoric (AD 1200-1400) and historic (AD 1608...

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  • Stable isotopic analysis of human diet in the Marianas Archipelago, western Pacific.

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  • Relationships between lower limb cross-sectional geometry and mobility: the case of a Neolithic sample from Italy.

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  • "These boots were made for walking": the isotopic analysis of a C(4) Roman inhumation from Gravesend, Kent, UK.

    abstract::As part of the road widening scheme between London and Dover, Oxford Archaeology South uncovered a large boundary ditch of Iron Age origin that contained Iron Age and Roman inhumations, adjacent to which was a small mid-late Roman cemetery, interpreted as a rural cemetery for Romano-British farmers. Grave goods in the...

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  • Growth of rural and urban children in the valley of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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  • Isolation by distance in Middle Dalmatia-Yugoslavia.

    abstract::Parameters of Malécot's isolation-by-distance model are estimated for biological (anthropometric head and body dimensions, morphometric dimensions of metacarpal bones, quantitative and qualitative dermatoglyphic traits, and physiological/cardiorespiratory/variables) and linguistic distances and migrational kinship on ...

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  • Forelimb and hindlimb forces in walking and galloping primates.

    abstract::One trait that distinguishes the walking gaits of most primates from those of most mammalian nonprimates is the distribution of weight between the forelimbs and hindlimbs. Nonprimate mammals generally experience higher vertical peak substrate reaction forces on the forelimb than on the hindlimb. Primates, in contrast,...

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  • Log-linear analysis of dental caries occurrence in four skeletal series.

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  • The dental morphology of Pima Indians.

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  • Mechanisms of honing in the male baboon canine.

    abstract::Male baboons use their sharp upper canines in aggressive interactions. These teeth are sharpened against specialized lower third premolars. The honing premolar is protected against wear by having very thick enamel and the upper canine having very thin enamel, not by structural or mineral differences between the two en...

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  • Detecting riparian habitat preferences in "savanna" chimpanzees and associated Fauna with strontium isotope ratios: Implications for reconstructing habitat use by the chimpanzee-human last common ancestor.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Riparian or gallery forests are critical habitats for numerous plants and animals today. Paleoanthropologically, reliance on such habitats informs behavioral and ecological reconstructions; for example, gallery forest habitats likely played a critical role in the transition from ape to hominin in the early P...

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  • A Y-chromosomal comparison of the Madjars (Kazakhstan) and the Magyars (Hungary).

    abstract::The Madjars are a previously unstudied population from Kazakhstan who practice a form of local exogamy in which wives are brought in from neighboring tribes, but husbands are not, so the paternal lineages remain genetically isolated within the population. Their name bears a striking resemblance to the Magyars who have...

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  • Incisor microwear of Sumatran anthropoid primates.

    abstract::Several studies have suggested that incisor microwear reflects diet and feeding adaptations of anthropoids. However, such studies have been largely qualitative, and interpretations have relied on anecdotal references to diet and tooth use reported in the socioecology literature. The current study relates incisor micro...

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