Association of complementary and alternative medicine use, demographic factors, and perimenopausal symptoms in a multiethnic sample of women: the ENDOW study.


:Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use is common in the United States, particularly among middle-aged women for symptoms commonly reported during perimenopause. The study examined the relationship between women's report of perimenopausal symptoms and the use of CAM and socioeconomic or cultural factors. The prevalence of CAM use was 33%; approximately 94% reported use of CAM therapies and 23% used CAM practitioners. Those who used CAM were younger and better educated; more often they reported pelvic pain and painful intercourse. The only demographic factor to predict use of alternative medicine was education.


Fam Community Health


Cherrington A,Lewis CE,McCreath HE,Herman CJ,Richter DL,Byrd T,ENDOW Study.




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