Genetics of common complex kidney stone disease: insights from genome-wide association studies.


:Kidney stone disease is a common disorder in Western countries that is associated with significant suffering, morbidity, and cost for the healthcare system. Numerous studies have demonstrated familial aggregation of nephrolithiasis and a twin study estimated the heritability to be 56%. Over the past decade, genome-wide association studies have uncovered several sequence variants that confer increased risk of common complex kidney stone disease. The first reported variants were observed at the CLDN14 locus in the Icelandic population. This finding has since been replicated in other populations. The CLDN14 gene is expressed in tight junctions of the thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle, where the protein is believed to play a role in regulation of calcium transport. More recent studies have uncovered variants at the ALPL, SLC34A1, CASR, and TRPV5 loci, the first two genes playing a role in renal handling of phosphate, while the latter two are involved in calcium homeostasis. Although genetic data have provided insights into the molecular basis of kidney stone disease, much remains to be learned about the contribution of genetic factors to stone formation. Nevertheless, the progress made in recent years indicates that exciting times lie ahead in genetic research on kidney stone disease.






Palsson R,Indridason OS,Edvardsson VO,Oddsson A




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  • Metabolic risk-evaluation and prevention of recurrence in stone disease: does it make sense?

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    abstract::The authors would like to add the following paragraph in the acknowledgement section of the original version of the paper. ...


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  • Three-dimensional evaluation of perirenal fat volume in patients with nephrolithiasis.

    abstract::The concept of adipose tissue as an organ unto itself represents a new medical construct; already differences in the volume of perirenal fat around a tumor-bearing kidney have been described. We hypothesized that renal calculi may have similar impact on perirenal fat or alternatively abnormalities in urinary metabolit...


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  • Folium pyrrosiae ingestion has no effect on the thermodynamic or kinetic urinary risk factors for calcium oxalate urolithiasis in healthy subjects: a poor prognosis for alternative treatment in this type of stone former.

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  • Potential thermodynamic and kinetic roles of phytate as an inhibitor of kidney stone formation: theoretical modelling and crystallization experiments.

    abstract::Kidney stone formation is governed by thermodynamic (supersaturation) and kinetic (crystal nucleation, growth, aggregation) mechanisms. We adopted a dual theoretical and experimental approach to investigate the potential role of urinary phytate in this regard. Thermodynamic constants for eight protonated phytate speci...


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  • Metabolic disturbances in Chinese children with urolithiasis: a single center report.

    abstract::Urinary stones and urine composition are the first steps in the process of recurrence prevention, but data concerning the association between the two compositions are scarce in Chinese children with urolithiasis. We retrospectively analyzed the records of children (age range 0-18 years) with urolithiasis in our center...


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  • Mutation analysis of SLC3A1 and SLC7A9 genes in patients with cystinuria.

    abstract::Cystinuria is an autosomal inherited disorder of renal reabsorption of cystine, arginine, lysine, and ornithine. Increased urinary excretion of cystine results in the formation of kidney stones. Considering the few studies on the genetic basis of the cystinuria in the Middle East and the population-specific distributi...


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  • Tubeless procedure reduces hospitalization and pain after percutaneous nephrolithotomy: results of a multivariable analysis.

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  • The impact of urinary stone disease and their treatment on patients' quality of life: a qualitative study.

    abstract::Urinary stone disease is a common, often recurrent disease, that can have a negative impact on patients' health-related quality of life (HRQoL), often effecting working, productive members of society. The literature lacks data from structured, qualitative research which could give unique insight into patients' HRQoL. ...


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  • Plasma oxalate: comparison of methodologies.

    abstract::Measurement of oxalate in the blood is essential for monitoring primary hyperoxaluria patients with progressive renal impairment and on dialysis prior to transplantation. As no external quality assurance scheme is available for this analyte, we conducted a sample exchange scheme between six laboratories specifically i...


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  • Interstitial calcinosis in renal papillae of genetically engineered mouse models: relation to Randall's plaques.

    abstract::Genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) have been highly instrumental in elucidating gene functions and molecular pathogenesis of human diseases, although their use in studying kidney stone formation or nephrolithiasis remains relatively limited. This review intends to provide an overview of several knockout mouse...


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  • Early ureteral catheter removal after ureteroscopic lithotripsy using ureteral access sheath.

    abstract::A ureteral access sheath (UAS) can facilitate ureteroscopy (URS) and the retrieval of stone fragments while reducing the intrarenal pressure, thereby improving irrigate flow and decreasing the length of an operation. Ureteral stenting after URS is unnecessary for uncomplicated cases. This study examined the early remo...


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