Newborn Screening for Lysosomal Storage Disorders: Views of Genetic Healthcare Providers.


:Lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs), lysosomal enzyme deficiencies causing multi-system organ damage, have come to the forefront in newborn screening (NBS) initiatives due to new screening technologies and emerging treatments. We developed a qualitative discussion tool to explore opinions of genetic healthcare providers (HCPs) regarding population-based NBS for MPS types 1 and 2, Pompe, Gaucher, Fabry, and Krabbe diseases. Thirty-eight telephone interviews conducted by a single researcher were analyzed and coded for thematic trends. Six major themes emerged: 1) treatment availability and efficacy is crucial; 2) early age of disease onset is important; 3) ambiguity regarding prognosis is undesirable; 4) parents' ability to make reproductive decisions is seen by some as a benefit of NBS; 5) paucity of resources for follow-up exists; and 6) the decision-making process for adding conditions to mandated NBS is concerning to HCPs. Among the LSDs discussed, Pompe was considered most appropriate, and Krabbe least appropriate, for NBS. MPS1 and MPS2 were overall considered favorably for screening, but MPS1 ranked higher, due to a perception of better efficacy of therapeutic options. Fabry and Gaucher diseases were viewed less favorably due to later age of onset. The themes identified in this study must be addressed by decision-makers in expanding NBS for LSDs and may be applied to many diseases being considered for NBS in the future.


J Genet Couns


Lisi EC,McCandless SE




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