A three dimensional visualisation approach to protein heavy-atom structure reconstruction.


BACKGROUND:A commonly recurring problem in structural protein studies, is the determination of all heavy atom positions from the knowledge of the central α-carbon coordinates. RESULTS:We employ advances in virtual reality to address the problem. The outcome is a 3D visualisation based technique where all the heavy backbone and side chain atoms are treated on equal footing, in terms of the Cα coordinates. Each heavy atom is visualised on the surfaces of a different two-sphere, that is centered at another heavy backbone and side chain atoms. In particular, the rotamers are visible as clusters, that display a clear and strong dependence on the underlying backbone secondary structure. CONCLUSIONS:We demonstrate that there is a clear interdependence between rotameric states and secondary structure. Our method easily detects those atoms in a crystallographic protein structure which are either outliers or have been likely misplaced, possibly due to radiation damage. Our approach forms a basis for the development of a new generation, visualization based side chain construction, validation and refinement tools. The heavy atom positions are identified in a manner which accounts for the secondary structure environment, leading to improved accuracy.


BMC Struct Biol


BMC structural biology


Peng X,Chenani A,Hu S,Zhou Y,Niemi AJ




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  • PDBalert: automatic, recurrent remote homology tracking and protein structure prediction.

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  • DWNN, a novel ubiquitin-like domain, implicates RBBP6 in mRNA processing and ubiquitin-like pathways.

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  • Novel structural features in two ZHX homeodomains derived from a systematic study of single and multiple domains.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Zhx1 to 3 (zinc-fingers and homeoboxes) form a set of paralogous genes encoding multi-domain proteins. ZHX proteins consist of two zinc fingers followed by five homeodomains. ZHXs have biological roles in cell cycle control by acting as co-repressors of the transcriptional regulator Nuclear Factor Y. As part...

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  • Human coronavirus OC43 3CL protease and the potential of ML188 as a broad-spectrum lead compound: homology modelling and molecular dynamic studies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The coronavirus 3 chymotrypsin-like protease (3CL(pro)) is a validated target in the design of potential anticoronavirus inhibitors. The high degree of homology within the protease's active site and substrate conservation supports the identification of broad spectrum lead compounds. A previous study identifi...

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  • Crystal structure of signal regulatory protein gamma (SIRPγ) in complex with an antibody Fab fragment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Signal Regulatory Protein γ (SIRPγ) is a member of a closely related family of three cell surface receptors implicated in modulating immune/inflammatory responses. SIRPγ is expressed on T lymphocytes where it appears to be involved in the integrin-independent adhesion of lymphocytes to antigen-presenting cel...

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