Does stem design influence component positioning in total hip arthroplasty using a minimal invasive posterolateral approach?


PURPOSE:Limited data exist for the reconstructive potential of short bone-preserving stems in THA using a minimal invasive posterolateral approach. Our study aim was to assess the effect of stem design on the reconstruction of hip offset and leg length in MIS posterolateral THA. METHODS:This retrospective consecutive single-surgeon study compares hip offset and leg length, as well as acetabular component positioning (cup anteversion; inclination) of 129 THAs with a cementless standard-length stem (Synergy®) and 143 THAs with a cementless short bone-preserving stem (Trilock®). RESULTS:In reference to the contralateral side, the mean difference in hip offset was 0.9 mm (p = 0.067) for the standard stem and 0.1 mm (p = 0.793) for the short stem, respectively. Leg-length discrepancy was 0.7 mm (Synergy®) and 0.9 mm (Trilock®), respectively. A total of 233 (86 %) acetabular components fell within the target zone for anteversion and inclination. CONCLUSION:Accurate component positioning in MIS posterolateral approach THA is possible and is not influenced by the type of stem.


Int Orthop


Waldstein W,Merle C,Schmidt-Braekling T,Boettner F




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  • Surgical therapy of hip-joint empyema. Is the Girdlestone arthroplasty still up to date?

    abstract:PURPOSE:Hip-joint empyema is a severe local infection that can cause general illness and, in the worst-case scenario, death by septic complications. For severe hip-joint infections, the Girdlestone arthroplasty has been an established treatment option for many decades. We describe functional midterm results after treat...

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    abstract::Olecranisation of the patella was described and first used by Grammont (1984) to maintain reduction of the knee joint after posterior cruciate repair and reconstruction. Since 1985 we used this technique in 18 acute posterior ruptures and knee dislocations which did not undergo surgery. Knee laxity is assessed under g...

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  • Time and cost savings in arthroscopic subacromial decompression: the use of bipolar versus monopolar radiofrequency.

    abstract::There is currently an increased interest in the use of electro surgery in arthroscopy. Since the introduction of the bipolar arthroscopic radiofrequency (RF) wand, it has started to replace the classic Bovie monopolar probe on the assumption that the new technology provides multifunctional devices, combining both tiss...

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  • Influence of weather variables on pain severity in end-stage osteoarthritis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Patients often attribute increasing pain in an arthritic joint to changing weather patterns. Studies examining the impact of weather on pain severity have yielded equivocal and sometimes contradictory results. The relationship between subchondral pseudocysts and the role they play in this phenomenon has not bee...

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  • [Effect of a calcium inhibitor, verapamil, on the development of heterotopic ossifications. An experimental study in rats].

    abstract::After division of the tendo achilles in rats heterotopic bone forms in the muscle and in the tendon stumps. Tenotomy was performed in 26 male rats. Thirteen received Verapamil (36 mm/Kg) for six days per week for five months, and the remainder were not given this drug. The onset of heterotopic ossification was monitor...

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  • Porous titanium construct cup compared to porous coated titanium cup in total hip arthroplasty. A randomised controlled trial.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of this study was to determine if a new titanium cup with increased porosity resulted in different periacetabular bone loss and migration compared to a porous coated cup. METHODS:Fifty-one patients with primary hip osteoarthritis were randomized to either a cup with porous titanium construct backsi...

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